Мирослава Дума уходит с проекта Buro 24/7

Miroslava Duma sells its shares and leaves the project Buro 24/7, as she recently announced in her instagram. She does this in order to focus on the development of Future Tech Lab and others not yet announced projects.

Мирослава Дума уходит с проекта Buro 24/7

“Today I announce that needs to sell his share and leave the Buro 24/7, digital media brand which I founded in 2011 and which grew to 11 successful international publications and has approximately 130 employees worldwide. I walked away from the operating activities of Buro 24/7 for more than a year ago and regard it as a step forward. I’m sure leaving the company in good hands of my partners and a global team of Buro 24/7. This will allow me to focus on working with Future Tech Lab, and other projects and to spend more time with my family. I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved Buro 24/7 together. Wish the entire team Buro 24/7 success!” — says Duma.

Recall that on the eve of displaying his new collection in the framework of the Week of high fashion in Paris designer Ulyana Sergeenko was accused of racism. She Naomi Campbell offended by Sergeenko. Miroslava Duma has published in his Instagram account with the invitation to the fashion show Ulyana Sergeenko. The invitation was the phrase “My niggas in Paris.”

The post drew the attention of the black supermodel of the 90s Naomi Campbell that these words angered. “Seriously?! Why you: a) wrote it; b) published it… Someone else is going to attend her show tomorrow?” writes Campbell, urging them not to come to the show Ulyana.

“The world is my good friend, and even the fact that she naively published my personal email in their social networks, means that we don’t mean anything immoral and didn’t understand the consequences. I certainly learned my lesson and thankful for it. Already enough evil in this world, please, let’s stop it here,” continued Juliana.

“Now I’m not the same person I was six years ago… I deeply respect people from all backgrounds and believe in equality for all — regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, religion or sexual orientation. I sincerely hope that public discussion will help me once and for all to eradicate discrimination… Now I’m better than ever, understand that should be an example for people who look at me. I want to apologize to the people and communities who were offended… do Not expect instant forgiveness and know that my actions must be more significant words in the social network. I promise to make every effort to regain the trust and respect of people,” he wrote then in his own defense Council.