Лиам Пейн не появился на дне рождения своего сына

The other day Liam Payne confirmed the breakup with his sweetheart Cheryl Cole with whom he has a son. And this week celebrated the boy’s birthday. Bearu baby turned one. However, the Pope at the feast appeared.

Reunion of the pair who was so eager some fans, this day did not happen. Liam had to go to Tokyo for work, so he was unable to personally congratulate the son. To capture a bit of warmth Payne decided through social networks, which is very popular among celebrities and not only. “I can’t believe you. Running where this time? You are my world.” briefly, but touchingly writes Liam.

Early breakup, the contractor, told the publication the Evening Standard. “The funny thing is that this happened a week before we were supposed to get married. And after a week we broke up. I prefer to think that now we are somewhere in between. Yes, we have our own problems in relationships: I’m not going to sit here and say that everything is wonderful. Of course, we have to face many problems — it happens in any relationship. But through all that we go through together as a family is most important to me,” said the singer.

According to an interview to understand the phase relations of a pair is almost impossible, but Liam claims that all is not lost. “Yes, what happened, happened — it is now will always be with us, there will always be some tension in how we solve problems. But whether there is a relationship in which different? In the end, what matters is how you deal with this together or not,” admitted Payne.

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne met in 2008 on The X Factor. Liam was among the participants, Cheryl among the judges. Of course, then no romantic relationship could not be and speeches — Payne was only 14 years old. However, he was so eager to get the attention of Cheryl that did not give up, and eventually the singer relented: in 2015, the stars began Dating, and soon became parents of a son. However, infant son Bear didn’t save the parents from the breakup.