Мирей Матье посвятила номер погибшим артистам из ансамбля Александрова The French star was made in St. Petersburg. The legendary singer admitted love for the Russian public and honored the memory of Valery Khalilov, who led the creative team.

      Мирей Матье посвятила номер погибшим артистам из ансамбля Александрова

      One of the most famous French singers of the unmatched Mireille Mathieu made in St. Petersburg, presenting a programme of their greatest hits. The three-hour show dedicated to the celebration of March 8 and separated by two intermissions and did not leave indifferent the audience came to the concert hall “October”.

      Myself, I confessed many times how she loves Russia and local residents. No wonder in the days of the Soviet Union, when Western musicians were not held in high esteem, I actively come to our country and spoke with different groups.

      “How can I say something bad about you, Russian people! You’re giving so much emotion, so much love, and many flowers at my concerts! And your hospitality – it is striking,” admitted Mireille Mathieu, communicating with the correspondent of “StarHit”.
      Мирей Матье посвятила номер погибшим артистам из ансамбля Александрова

      At the concert in St. Petersburg, the singer just filled up with flowers, which the audience was presented to the artist after each song. Slim and petite, I obviously could not cope with this “intolerable burden” and called on the help of assistants. At one point she stopped and pointed to the boy who tried to squeeze through the crowd and to give flowers to the artist. The spectators parted, and the little boy jumped on stage and kissed Mathieu under the General laughter.

      Мирей Матье посвятила номер погибшим артистам из ансамбля Александрова

      Mathieu often came to Russia with the song and dance ensemble of the Alexandrov, the team which tragically died a few months ago, shipwrecked on a plane on the way to Syria. In memory of Mireille performed the song, during which the screen was broadcast from the archives, photographs of team leader – Valery Khalilov.

      “Flight, job flight”: the lived, the Alexandrov ensemble

      But the most unusual aspect of the concert was the appearance on the scene of the famous actor Vladimir Etush. Vladimir Abramovich and I have been friends for years. The actor clapped and sang their favorite. At some point, he could not resist and went to the scene, together with his assistants hand bouquet. The French singer was greatly surprised at the appearance Etush, but then, with a kiss with the actor and having a beautiful bouquet, said: “It’s your compatriot, the great Russian actor Vladimir Etush. Thank you for coming to me.”

      According to the representative Etush Vladimir Abramovich flew to St. Petersburg from filming, to listen and to congratulate Mireille Mathieu on March 8. He has long been interested in her work and loves the French songs.