Eleven Russians miraculously survived on a deserted island in Thailand

Одиннадцать россиян чудом выжили на необитаемом острове в Таиланде People were there without food, water and cell phones. Before this trip Perm residents tested his strength in their native lands. But the test abroad is proving harder than expected by the participants of the project “I am alive”.

    Одиннадцать россиян чудом выжили на необитаемом острове в Таиланде

    Turquoise ocean, white sand, the cries of exotic birds. The sun is blinding. That sounds like Paradise… But to civilization tens of kilometers, from hunger reduces stomach and running around underfoot Scorpions. In these circumstances, the extreme of Perm spent 20 days.

    Test of strength

    Viktor Kazakov and his associates is not the first time survived in the wild. Before you travel on Thai desert island project “I am alive” was twice held in the Perm region – the participants covered a distance of about a hundred miles on foot, spent seven days without water, food, tents only with a knife and first aid kit.

    “Abandoning the usual things, one begins to appreciate the minimum that is necessary for him – says “StarHit” entrepreneur Viktor Kazakov. – From fatigue and hunger gets out what he’s trying to hide. During the campaign, many opened inner strength, everyone has helped not only myself, but other people are better heard and felt”.
    Одиннадцать россиян чудом выжили на необитаемом острове в Таиланде

    In November last year, the adventurers came up with and published in the social network legend: forced landing of aircraft, group passengers can get to the sushi. Electronic devices don’t work. The survivors set up a camp, collect water and food, in the end, they build a raft on which you float away and be saved. At the end of this post invited everyone to join. Applied about four hundred men, but later many were frightened. The result was nine of Perm, Sverdlovsk and Vladimir.

    Одиннадцать россиян чудом выжили на необитаемом острове в Таиланде

    “The trip especially one not prepared, a couple of people vaccinated from malaria, says Victor. – The island was chosen by the following criteria: the transfer cost, the remoteness from the mainland, to quickly reach a hospital in case of need”. Took only video equipment for filming, solar panels to charge it, satellite phone and first aid kit with the most simple drugs: activated charcoal, aspirin, analgin, syringes and bandages, and clothes every shorts, swimming trunks or swimsuit, pants, socks, t-shirt, long sleeve, not to burn, and fleece jacket.


    Одиннадцать россиян чудом выжили на необитаемом острове в Таиланде

    Nakupavshis, travelers began to settle. Passport, first aid kit and a satellite phone hidden in a safe place. Seeing the Scorpions, the guys realized that sleeping on the ground is unsafe, built of bamboo and found networking a couple of large hammocks.

    “The night just gone, we see in inches and fifty on the tree, crawling snake – Victor remembers. – This was probably the worst moment in two weeks. What to do? The chances of finding her in the dark at least. For the salvation of man snakebite is a maximum of half an hour. We don’t have enough time to call and wait for assistance. Then I said, “We are guests. And she is at home. Will not touch”. Nothing happened. Found out this morning that the snake was hiding literally under every rock. Helped to survive the principle of non-interference. We did not touch them, and they us.”
    Одиннадцать россиян чудом выжили на необитаемом острове в Таиланде

    Morning the islanders began with the sunrise. Life resembled the life of the community: men were engaged in mining, search of firewood, women cook and clean. “The fire we got on the second day. The debris was found a light bulb, poured in her water – it was a great lens! says 32-year-old Sergei Kaurin, owner of the garage. –Fire support stay on the island. The hardest part was food. First we fished in the Creek, or rather drowned her with bamboo sticks. We were lucky in the morning, during low tide, exposing the strip of coral, they were trapped crabs. Usually 10-20 pieces. But 11 people is a small thing. Lived from hand to mouth. The first week felt a weakness.”

    The hardest was 36-year-old artist Olesya Denisova – she’s a vegetarian, and on the island was not even fruit, the body hardly got used to the new food. During his stay on the island trip participants lost in total 100 pounds.

    “On the fourth day we were poisoned, – says Sergey Kaurin. One of the participants, the businessman Dmitry Kirillov, in the forest dug up something like potatoes – the smell is the same, is the starch on the cut. We welded. Everything was fine, was a little confusing bitter aftertaste. In the morning I couldn’t stand, his legs would not obey, everything was floating. And these symptoms were at all! Realized that he had been poisoned. We saved the coal from the kit. The roots of it lay in the basin, we were joking: “Well, someone wants more potatoes?”

    One day, the adventurers decided to explore the island. “Went out early in the morning – says Olesya. The jungle was thick, branches with thorns scratch the skin… We saw a huge red trees, their roots intertwined and the top was covered with soil. I took a step and fell – his legs dangled under the ground, I held onto the roots. The guys helped out. But the biggest shock was the discovery on the stone were carved the GPS coordinates. And considering that we occasionally heard a sound like alternator… it seemed that as the characters of the TV series Lost”.

    Tasks which the project participants have set for ourselves – to get fresh water, food, fire, to build shelter and a raft, was completed in two weeks. “Don’t be “seafood” from a trash heap, we would just coped with everything, only time would have a bigger, – said Victor. – We shot everything on video and will soon publish in the social network the film about our journey. The main achievement of the campaign is the confidence regained in each. Went back on the boat – she was called on a satellite phone. When we got to Phuket, it seemed that he was in another world. Here was the long-awaited food, the smells, the Internet… But it was all kind of vanity, a stranger. Wanted back to the island again to feel truly alive.”