Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества» On the eve of a multiseries detective “StarHit” talked with the singer of the title role by Maria meadow. The actress spoke about working on the film “Murka”, relations with partners on the ground and lives in Moscow.

      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»

      Thursday, March 9, on the First channel launched the series “Murka”, which tells about the criminal world of Odessa in 1920-ies. The main character, Maria Klimova, was played by Maria meadow, known to viewers for his roles in the films “the Devils”, “Red”, “Christmas Tree 3”. According to the actress, so she managed to coexist with cats, she began to notice traits of her character outside the set. “StarHit” talked to meadow about working on the series, relations with colleagues and the relocation of the capital from St. Petersburg.

      “Thieving life she led”: how thieves romance inspired the creators of the series “Murka”

      Maria, as I told your colleague on the series, Anton Rosenberg, the casting for the lead role was quite difficult as there were a lot of contenders. You were afraid not to get in the project?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»The script I really liked, but on the number of candidates I knew nothing. I just wanted to test myself: if I can play it? I DISCLAIMED all responsibility for the result, maybe that’s why I managed to get this role.—
      How was the relationship on set with the actors Aleksey Bardukov or Anton by habarovym who played your beloved? Was there any working affair?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»They are both stunning. The first time we worked together, and we conceived a real friendship. No flirting was not. Because the shooting period was long and complicated, we tried to support each other.

      You had to learn to shoot, ride a horse… That seemed the most difficult?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»Yes, I took lessons. As it turned out, I have a chieftain spirit. I was in awe! This knowledge, I once again came in handy.—
      The weapon was heavy? After all, you are such a fragile girl… Managed to avoid serious injury?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»In the film, many scenes of fighting, after shooting each of them on the body were bruises.

      How were the shots in the Crimea?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»We arrived there in September, the most wonderful time. It was warm and beautiful. Partners TV series could afford to swim or walk. But my workload was much greater, so I was done filming after sunset. In this case, it was only to dream of swimming in the sea.—
      In the series “the field”, the audience gets acquainted with the era of the early twentieth century. Have you ever read any historical materials to explore the archives about this time?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»This was done by the Director and screenwriter. We immediately agreed with the team that about any portrait likeness of the heroine of this Maria Klimova of the question. We do not claim to documentary, this fictional story. Six months of work on the “Field” is the absolute period of monasticism, did not do anything except his heroine. When I finished filming, I could already tell the Director of the staging.—
      Any traits from Maria Klimova took over?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»During the filming we grew up together. I’ve had more daring and courage…—
      Many expect from the series is interesting and authentic images that you and your colleagues has admitted in an interview, a good job as costume designers. You would do well outfits to ride a horse, shoot?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»We had an amazing costume, Dmitry Andreev and Vladimir Nikiforov. I’m familiar with them after the painting “the possessed”. Guys do not just a picture, they create a suit that will perfectly sit on the figure and does not restrict movement. Experts are working together with you. Make-up artist Natasha, Dima and I came up with a short cut, and then persuaded the Director to commit to it. Not even sorry to part with the hair.
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»
      And what other victims had to go for the role? For example, Khabarova forced to lose weight…
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»Well, I got rid of 5 pounds since shooting were very hard, had a lot of work. We shot six months, and the costumes were the same for spring and winter. So in December, I could even hook the tights and sweater.—
      In ordinary life, what things wear?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»As a rule, try to choose a closet to fit your mood. Sometimes prefer soft and cozy things: jeans, bulky sweater… According to friends, my style was influenced by the fact that I was born in St. Petersburg.—
      You are quite the young actress, but you are already lucky enough to work with such movie stars as Sergey Bezrukov, Sergey Garmash and Michael Porechenkov. As the shooting took place?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»“Masters” the movie helped in many ways. They gave advice, was friendly. Trying to learn their craft.

      Your character is popular among men. How is communication with the opposite sex? A lot of fans?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»There are people who write in social networks compliments, come to the shows and give flowers. I get everything is fine in your personal life, I love and loved.—
      In January you flew in a hot region, who spent a vacation?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»This time I was travelling alone. I needed to be alone, to think. In Moscow it is uneasy to do. I love to travel with friends and family.
      What do you do in your free time?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»Read a lot, listen to music, meditate. Try to relax that way. I love my profession, but beyond a lot of interesting.—
      Who would you like to work, if I hadn’t chosen the acting profession?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»I had decided that I was an artist. I think it was in the eighth grade. At first I was a fanatic of the profession, about what not thinking and not talking. But now I see how many other interesting professions exist, each of them can find creativity, so do not rule out that in other case would be able to realize themselves.

      Lately you have all of the roles associated with law enforcement… don’t You think that already developed some kind of role?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»I play a female character, rod.Perhaps he is in me. I find it interesting to create three-dimensional characters. Poster, creativity is not unambiguous for me.
      What is the inspiration?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»In life itself. In 25 years I radically changed. Prior to that, was interested only in the profession, and then asked yourself, “When was the last time you walked through the Park, going to the movies or out? What? I’m 25, and I missed so much?” After moving to Moscow, I started to learn to do all the things what I was missing: to walk, to look around, to travel, to converse with interesting people, to laugh and sometimes to do nothing. We, actors, do not know how to relax. For me it is important not to lose sense of reality. I separate the heroine from herself: is Masha meadow, and there are whiskers. Unfortunately, some of the actors traits of their characters appear outside of work, during a conversation.—
      It was hard to move to Moscow?
      Мария Луговая о съемках в «Мурке»: «Это был период монашества»I worked in the capital for several years, was familiar with many people. However, the move was difficult. When you change the place of residence of 16-17 years, it is much easier. And then, in 25 years, I had established a life working in the theater… For many, the move seemed like madness. At me sometimes attack periods of incredible determination: when, if not now? This was at receipt in theatrical high school, and then when moving. Inside me a kind of alarm clock rang, which made me change everything.—
      You internally changed after he settled in Moscow?
      I am very comfortable in this city, I feel at home. At first it was difficult to get used to, but now adapted. We joke with a friend that the city can be considered “their” when there is a personal manicurist, dentist and massage therapist. So, according to these criteria I am sure a local resident! When friends and mother come from St. Petersburg, they note what a warm and pleasant city. If you are able to see beyond the tinsel and the smell of money is something else, amazing. The capital seemed to me immense. When I came here during the filming of “Red” and lived for six months, I considered it a huge dragon that will eat me: large street osmidrosis movement, avenues… Now I think I’ve ridden the dragon and fly on it. In Moscow a special energy, where you should be able to use.