Миранда Керр рассказала о своей «беременной диете»
The model can not refuse his favorite treat.

Миранда Керр рассказала о своей «беременной диете»

Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr with son Flynn


Miranda Kerr, new
pregnancy which became known in the autumn of 2017, does not allow himself to retreat
from the rules that she holds on to power even in his interesting

“The most indispensable
the principle of my diet currently eat often, but gradually. «Snacks» —
one of the most important elements of my diet. On the one hand, it allows
to maintain a good mood, and with another – helps to overcome nausea», —
told Miranda that in the summer of 2017 was the lawful wife of her boyfriend Evan Spiegel, in a recent interview.

However, if someone thought that bites Kerr scones, biscuits or sandwiches, it is
not true. According to Miranda, she uses in such cases the vegetables and fruits,
and only “organic”, i.e. grown without fertilizers and pesticides.
She usually buys them at your favorite market, because they like her
it seems fresh. “And the faster the products get from the farm to your table, the higher
their nutritional value!”says Kerr.

However, there is not one
most useful delicacy, in which the model is to deny yourself can not — this is hot
chocolate. And, often the desire
drink a Cup of hot chocolate reaches her middle of the night. And, if this
the time Miranda is not at home and in the hotel she begins to “terrorize»
the administration, demanding to get her a drink.

generally the second pregnancy is progressing normally. However
this time, morning sickness was stronger than the first, when she was waiting for a senior
son Flynn from ex-husband Orlando
Bloom’s. However, the doctor said the model that it happens often. He explained that during the second
pregnancy the body produces, usually, more hormones, which generates
some challenges.