Звезду Первого канала Анастасию Трегубову выписали из роддома The older children prepare to meet with the newborn sister. In late January, Anastasia Tregubova became a mother for the third time. She was grateful for her husband, who was constantly beside her. Parents chose a name for the baby long before her in the light.

30 Jan host of “Good morning” on the First channel of Anastasia Tregubova was a large mother. From the presenter’s third child was born. She already has a 11-year-old Lisa, and 7-year-old Michael, who last year went to the first class. Daughter was born at almost midnight. Between brother and younger sister the difference in two days. Today it became known that the broadcaster and the baby was already discharged from the hospital. Older spouse and the heirs were pleased to welcome a new family member.

“I had a feeling that her husband Sasha lived in the hospital. He was always close. As children arrived, they were waiting for us at home. Extract was in the morning, Lisa and Mike are still in school, and in the evening they can expect a surprise! We decided to make a quiet statement: just us and our doctor Boris. Decided that we will note a new addition to our family later, when my daughter will get stronger”, Anastasia said.

Tregubova also admitted, as he called daughter. They discussed with her husband the various options and eventually managed to come to a consensus. The presenter explained why he chose the name nick.

“Each pregnancy is developing with its own characteristics, our doctors, mark Abramovich, and Boris, even said that the most difficult is the first, third and fifth pregnancy. They are very unpredictable. I also had a few unexpected moments, difficult situation and so we specifically chose such a strong name, signifying victory! Somewhere in the middle of the pregnancy we knew exactly how to call the daughter. I liked the name Victoria is Winner, or Nika, the goddess of victory. Husband’s name is Alexander, which also designates the winner. Get a double victory – Nika Aleksandrovna,” – said TV presenter.

Fans of stars of the First channel to congratulate a couple on the birth of his daughter. Anastasia carefully reads the comments and thanks everyone who share with her the joy.

“My dear friends and followers! With all my heart I want to thank you for the congratulations! These nine months have been for my husband and a fascinating journey in anticipation of the baby that we thought were dragged on for quite some time, and in fact swept like a flash! Thank you for your support and kind words,” wrote leading microblog.