Miracle Matrona of Moscow: the stories of those who begged for salvation from the Holy

Чудо Матроны Московской: истории тех, кто вымолил спасение у святой Many people admitted that the worship of relics helped them in difficult moments. A resident of Krasnodar narrowly escaped death, Volgograd family rescued a child from a serious illness, and the couple from the Vladimir region were able to become parents of a beautiful girl.
Чудо Матроны Московской: истории тех, кто вымолил спасение у святой

Matrona of Moscow was not may 2, 1952. To worship and ask for help to the relics of the Holy is visited daily by hundreds of people, and later talk about the wonders that difficult to believe.

A new beginning

Four years ago, Christina and Yuri Fedorov from Krasnodar were a happy family. “My husband worked as a sales representative of the company, which was engaged in sale of household goods. He had to go hundreds of miles away, says Christina. – Yesterday I put a candle to the Matrona of the house before the icon or in the temple. Asked to have my husband back alive. 18 Sep 2013 prayed, but my heart was restless. And in the evening calls Yuri: “Christus, accident! Three cars collided, killing four. My Fiat caught on both sides. Lucky to be alive”. I mentally thanked the Matron”.

Чудо Матроны Московской: истории тех, кто вымолил спасение у святой

The next 2.5 years to become spouses a real nightmare – Yuri considered the culprit. “I, sons and parents supported him as he walked the courts. But her husband grew apart, started drinking. We rowed, I thought of divorce,” – says Fedorov.

Again helped the Matron. Christine did not ask for acquittal, put the candle with thoughts: “Make the way for the family to be better.” In may 2016 the jury found guilty, 4 years was sent to a penal colony in Kalmykia.

“He continued to drink, we would divorce, says Christine. – Now Yuri seemed to awake. Apologizes, promises not to drink. In the colony, became a professional Baker! Will be released – maybe it will open a mini-bakery”.


Чудо Матроны Московской: истории тех, кто вымолил спасение у святой

In my father’s family Valentine Skripnikova and mother Lydia October 22, 2004 was born the fourth child. Anya looked healthy, and a few weeks after discharge started to turn yellow. “The usual thing, just the body is not fully involved in the “work” will be held”, – said the pediatrician. But there was no improvement, the baby’s mom was put in the hospital. Dropper, medicine – nothing helped. Anya gained weight, and her face became copper-green. The Volgograd doctors decided that it was due to improper operation of the gall bladder, need surgery, without her the girl will not live more than six months. During the week managed to beat the quota, and mother Lydia Anna from his native Volgograd was sent to the Moscow city hospital. There is again examined and diagnosed with “Alagille syndrome” is a genetic disease of the ducts of the gallbladder, which leads to cirrhosis. But in clinical nutrition you can gain weight up to 10 kg and do a liver transplant.

Before returning to Volgograd parents with her daughter went to the Pokrovsky monastery, where the relics of Saint Matrona, attached to Anya. Then, coming to control in Moscow, was carrying a daughter in the same temple. The girl became better, and the place where he was anointed with oil from the lamps burning near the Shrine, brightened.

Two years Anya weighed only 6 kg. But to delay the operation could not – began to develop cirrhosis.

“Transplant surgery she underwent three months, the transplanted part of his liver to her aunt, – says the priest. – Yesterday we asked the Matron of the successful outcome of treatment. Now every three months come with Anya in Moscow, tested, corrected scheme of medication. And be sure to go to the monastery to tell the lady thanks for saving her daughter. And owing to misfortune in our family is growing … When mother Lydia was in the hospital, in the next room was a conscientious objector. We thought, who knows how many months allotted Anya; if we can’t help her, then make this boy happy. And we adopted him. What a miracle that all.”
Чудо Матроны Московской: истории тех, кто вымолил спасение у святой

My angel

Cherkasova wife after 16 years of marriage, begged the child from the Matron. They met in 1996 at the wedding of friends. “I told Ira everything as it is: that will be leaving soon to serve in Tajikistan, but without it life is not present, – Alexey told. – It turned out that she felt the same.”

From her home town of Gus-Khrustalny in Dushanbe, the soldier went with his wife. Cherkasov served more than 14 years, the couple experienced the Chechen war, serious wound Alexis. They dreamed of children, but did not work, thought – life will be calmer and it will come. But when Irina was 35 years, the couple began to seriously worry.

“By the time we returned home. Bypassed doctors but they shrugged, – said Irina. The doctors said I’m healthy and can have children, my husband also did not find problems”. The couple fell into despair, Alex insisted that childlessness is a punishment for your service. When Cherkasova lost hope, friends told them about the temple Matron in Moscow, where many go to beg baby.

“We decided that this is the last chance, – says Irina. – I asked the Matron blond daughter that looks like her husband. Alex stood, I first saw him praying. And almost immediately after returning home, I realized that we will become parents.”

The pregnancy was easy, and in 2011 came to light Katie – girl was born with white curly hair, remarkably similar to the father. She is now almost 6 years old and happy parents prepare to send the baby to the first class.