Муж Полины Гагариной впервые рассказал о дочке Dmitry Iskhakov shared his emotions with the followers. The husband of the actress confessed that his life has changed dramatically after the birth of the baby. The man showed subscribers the picture taken while walking with the heiress.

A few days ago, Polina Gagarina and her husband Dmitry Iskhakov received congratulations with the addition to the family. The star couple was born a charming little girl. Polina Gagarina shared their first photos with newborn baby

Dmitry happily helps Pauline to babysit the girl. On the eve of the happy father went on the first walk with the heiress. The photographer shared the picture, where members considered a stylish stroller for the baby, and also talked about what kind of emotions he’s experiencing. For Iskakova daughter was the first child.

“Everything changed completely. Life divided into “before” and “after”. I have feelings so strong that they can’t even find the words to describe them. This is something absolutely untried me before. Love of a different order. And the smell! This smell is impossible to photograph, and it torments me. The most delicious smell in the world!” – open up Dmitry.

Members of the husband of the singer was touched by these words. A followers wished the couple and the baby good health. “How much tenderness and happiness in your photos and comments. Very, very happy for you!”, “There are also normal men! With normal human emotions! Grow big and healthy”, “Delicious! Remember the smell and remember, when you’re sad”, “What nikatina and endless happiness! Read a pleasure! Enjoy! Grow and not get sick!”, “Being a parent – is a great happiness!” – supported Dmitry users of the social network.

We will remind that throughout all nine months of Polina Gagarina was trying not to show an interesting situation, preferring to hide the change under a wide dresses. In addition, the artist has avoided high-profile social events, where she could shoot photographers. When my daughter was born, the first on this happy event, told colleagues of Pauline. Only a few hours later, the singer shared with the subscribers of the newborn daughter and told me how everything went. Dmitriy Nagiev congratulated Polina Gagarina birth of a child

“There was no fear, nerves and unnecessary interventions. Only my husband and doctor who helped to be born to our little girl. Very attentive and responsive staff, not only professional doctors, but people who listened to my feelings and desires,” – said Gagarin in the microblog.