Minogue VS. Jenner: what’s Kylie got the right to use the name in business?

Миноуг VS. Дженнер: какая Кайли получила право использовать имя в бизнесе?

Kylie Minogue just recently broke up with her fiancé Joshua Sass. This parting was doubly hard for her because it happened because of infidelity, the actors. Kylie hopes for a happy family future collapsed overnight, because now the Australian singer better not to piss off and never touch. But Kylie Jenner – the girl is not shy. The youngest of the family Kardashian-Jenner is ready to sue Minogue over the right to use the name.

The conflict between the namesakes began 3 years ago. Jenner decided to launch our own brand and register it under the name Kylie, Minogue but opposed the creation of a company with that name. According to singer, it could harm its own image and to create confusion, because she became famous under the name of Kylie back in the 80s.

Sued celebrities for a long time, and just last week, the patent office issued its decision. The organization sided with the singer, and now Jenner has no right to continue to promote your brand using the name Kylie.

This decision intends to challenge sister Kim Kardashian in court. Whether Jenner win?