Eva Polna made a promise to daughter

Ева Польна дала обещание дочери
The singer boasted another with his talent.

Ева Польна дала обещание дочери

Eva Polna

What talents does not have Eva Polna. It is not
only sings beautifully, but is famous for its design
abilities. Every time coming to light, Eva impresses fans model hats that she creates
with his own hands. Moreover, the dipole is a good artist, and often encouraged subscribers
his page in the social network paintings. And recently the singer told about one of his
hobby — knitting.

“Promised Junior docwra sweater tangled — shares
Eve. — Color yarn she chose it fashion — the deep sea waves. The case for
small — time to dobesilate until the end of the cold weather! Oh mother, do as you promised! Go
to combine pleasant with useful: you see a movie Yes the spokes will work”.

“Eva, you’re so real!”; “super-mom! Beauty and
needlewoman!”; “A talented person is talented in everything! Very nice and
professionally, and color direct…. no words. Pleasantly surprised!”; “Incredibly
beautiful. Eva you are a witch”; “You is an abyss of talent. You MEGA SUPER
STAR! With great love and respect”, — has signed the job Complete