Миллионы Жанны Фриске Шепелев снимал под чужим именем

The family’s lawyer Friske told reporters scheme, which worked Dmitry Shepelev when removed from the accounts Zhanna Friske money.

According to human rights, all actions of the showman, starting from the moment in July 2013 in Majima Jeanne signed a power of attorney, which gave the civilian husband of a star the right to dispose of her Bank accounts as well as to buy a country house and land in the Istra district, was one continuous deception.

The family’s lawyer Friske was able to communicate with the notary Anatoly Grochowski, who was allegedly in Miami assured the above-mentioned document. Here only the notary claims that his signature was forged.

“Gorokhovsky with amazement studied the paper and said that he was not assured. Most likely, someone used his name. Gorokhovsky ready to testify in court or in law enforcement and to declare that he did not sign this document”, — said the lawyer Friske, adding that it is thanks to this power of attorney Shepelev was able to withdraw money from a personal account Jeanne’s and bought a 1/2 share in a country house (the cost of the house with a plot — 36 million).

Lawyer Friske sure apologizing for the money, Dmitri, would surely say that he spent on the purchase of real estate your money. That’s just a human rights activist, the question arises: where did the showman the savings?

“Dmitry passed the Declaration on the income, but the information that he earned 18 million roubles, in it”, — said the lawyer.

Further, the situation becomes even more interesting: if Shepeleva was in the hands of the attorney, which allowed him to withdraw money from the account of Joan, then why he did not on his own behalf, and on behalf of certain Jeanne Shepelev. This name appears in the Bank statement.

Janna withdraw money at this moment he could not, because he was in a serious condition.

Declassification machinations schema Dmitry Shepelev lawyers Friske made with one purpose in mind. No, they don’t want to send a man to prison. The only requirement is to promote family of the late singer – is to see Plato (the only grandson).

“If Shepelev is going, all the rest, we close our eyes. Now Dmitry with Plato returned from vacation, and it is hoped that he will meet our needs. It will be possible to remove mutual complaints and not to fight,” concluded the defender.