Тайны Юрия Лужкова: бойкот юбилея, матриархат Батуриной и 38 литров меда Who does not relax Yuri Luzhkov, whom he built a house – friends revealed the details of the life of the official. On the 80th anniversary of Yuri Luzhkov “StarHit” to find out why he allows his wife to rule in the family and how to react to the jokes associated with it.

      Тайны Юрия Лужкова: бойкот юбилея, матриархат Батуриной и 38 литров меда

      Today, 21 September, Yury Luzhkov will be 80 years old. The anniversary of the ex-mayor will say without pathos, in a businesslike way- together with everyone on Saturday in the capital’s Kolomenskoye Park Yuri will do the cleaning and then planting the trees. The company will make him a wife Yelena Baturina, the daughter of Olga and Elena and friends of the family. The audience will be treated to tea and branded Luzhkov honey. On the eve of Luzhkov’s friends told him what he really is.

      Anniversary alone

      This year Yury Luzhkov and Elena Baturina celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. Friends recognize that they have much to learn.

      “Yuri Mikhailovich and Yelena’s love, – has shared with “StarHit” the widow of Artyom Borovik, a journalist Veronica Borovik-khilchevsky. – Still before my eyes I have is the following picture. Anniversary, Moscow’s 850 years, 1997. My husband and I were involved in organising the show, the Jean-Michel Jarre. The MSU was used as a huge screen on which broadcast views of the capital. Governmental bed, where he invited President Boris Yeltsin and other senior officials, was empty. Due to strained relations between Luzhkov and Boris Nikolayevich none of the officials came. It was cold, overcast. On the bench, wrapped in a single blanket, sat only Yuri Mikhailovich and Yelena Nikolayevna. He is very gentle with his wife, listens to her and allows to steer the family. And he enjoys the peace.”

      They raised two daughters: 22-year-old Olga and 24-year-old Elena live abroad. Daughter Yuri Luzhkov revealed the truth about the relations of parents

      “Olga and Lena is a very modest girl, – told the “StarHit” the singer Mikhail Turetsky. – I attended the festival Luzhkov on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of marriage and watched them. Girls behave Mature, and not as any kaprizulka. First and foremost it is a merit of their mother. Yuri worked very hard.
      Тайны Юрия Лужкова: бойкот юбилея, матриархат Батуриной и 38 литров меда


      In 1998, the incident happened on the day of the city held a parade, including a huge inflatable dolls had a bun in the cap. No one tried to copy the mayor, but many have found similarities. Luzhkov was not offended.

      With a sense of humor he’s all right, ” explains the “StarHit” Alexander Shirvindt, actor and artistic Director of Theater of satire. – We had a tradition: at the meeting, we with Yury Mikhailovich exchanged fresh jokes. Luzhkov attended the theatrical premiere. Once there was a funny incident. More than 20 years ago in the Mayakovsky Theater was the play “Celebration,” I am in the lead role. Yuri Mikhailovich gave that there will be a celebration of Shakespeare. Yury Luzhkov arrived with a huge basket of flowers, in fact, to honor me, and it turned out that the title of the play. Got the assistant who didn’t understand. But the flowers Luzhkov handed”.


      Тайны Юрия Лужкова: бойкот юбилея, матриархат Батуриной и 38 литров меда

      A few years ago, Yuri Luzhkov went to the Kaluga region. There lives his brother Sergei, and the mayor apiary. “Yuri Mikhailovich with the driver stopped at a ramshackle house, he knocked on the door and asked for a glass of water, – says the Governor of Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov. The hosts were a bit shocked – Luzhkov himself on the doorstep! She was invited to come. Yuri found out that a family with many children, money for new housing there. After six months on the site of the hut stood a strong brick house. Luzhkov has amazing quality – can smell needy a mile away! Your honey it never sold. Gives his friends presents and every year for 38-liter flask every kindergarten in our area.


      Yuri loves active leisure activities: tennis, football, Golf,horse riding. “Once he saved me from the crazy horse,” says journalist Veronika Borovik-khilchevsky. – Luzhkov kept steadily in the saddle. Once we drove in the suburban horse riding club, went for a walk. I rode in the back, and then my Mare suffered. Scary is not the word. Heard the noise of the highway.

      “Don’t want to get hit by a car!” – the thought flashed. I saw a clearing and decided to try to fall off the horse. There appeared next to Yuri. Caught the reins and calmed. Yuri Luzhkov is a good friend. After the death of my husband Artyom Borovik he’s great moral support”.


      After retirement in 2010, Yelena Baturina did not give him relax. “He’s doing something. Therefore, your 80 years old looks 50. Luzhkov – the man, the wrestler, lump, – says Mikhail Turkish. Eight years ago I came to him to the town hall to ask for something. Luzhkov was offered a Cup of tea. Took me into a room designed for relaxation. Began intimate conversations, and I ask him: “Yuri, are you tired?” And he said flatly: “No! You. I never tired of it.”