Джордж Клуни боится за безопасность супруги

Human rights activist Amal Clooney chose a dangerous path – a woman is taken for a high-profile case, which could threaten her with physical violence from opponents of her wards.

So, at the time, Amal Clooney defended the interests of Julian Assange — founder of WikiLeaks, and Yulia Tymoshenko — Ukrainian politician, Mohamed Nasheed, and others.

Today the attention is focused on Clooney Nadia Murad – 23-year-old Yezidi girl sex slave Islamic state terrorists.

In 2014, Nadi managed to escape from captivity, but her misfortunes were not over.

Amal argues that the Yezidi population of Iraq is subjected to a real persecution from the Islamic State. With this genocide in court is fighting Clooney.

In connection with these developments, Murad, and her lawyer, Amalie Clooney is a real risk. This situation raises concerns of George Clooney for the safety of the wife, even though he strongly supports it, because he understands the importance of its work.