Милла Йовович познакомилась с московскими зомби The actress presented the new part of the “resident evil”. Milla Jovovich walked around Moscow, spoke at a press conference with reporters and talked about how she managed to combine work and care of the newborn daughter.

      Милла Йовович познакомилась с московскими зомби

      February 16-on the screens out a new part of the action franchise “Resident evil: the final Chapter” with the inimitable Milla Jovovich in the lead role. The actress and her husband Paul W. S. Anderson flew to Moscow on February 14 to personally submit a picture. In the beginning of the day, the actress appeared before journalists at a press conference at the Ritz Carlton.

      Jovovich was positive and joked a lot and tried to answer some questions in Russian. As told by the girl playing Alice, in the film shooting began just a few months after her second daughter was born, Dashiell Eden.

      “I breast-fed baby. And there were difficulties. In costume, in makeup, smeared with blood, I occasionally felt my Breasts would burst, and I had to stop and feed. For our costumers too was hell: my Breasts were swollen, decreased, they constantly had to adjust the top of my suit. Very funny, of course. Paul asks: “How do you like this fight scene upside down?” And everybody laughs: “Wonderful, her chest looks amazing!” – admitted to Milla.

      Besides, in the final part of the Saga of zombies one of the roles played by her oldest daughter ever. Nine-year-old heiress of the Director and actress endured all the difficulties of the shooting process. According to Milla, creativity got the girl from her grandmother, actress Galina Loginova.

      At the premiere of the tape in Moscow by Millais joined the Russian celebrities, who have decided to be the first to watch new. Also at the entrance to the show which was held at the cinema “Formula Kino na kutuzovskom” in the Mall Oceania, the actress and her husband were met by an army of zombies. As admitted Jovovich, she was a little sorry to say goodbye to the action heroine Alice, a role which she played for 15 years.

      “It was a great path and career, and to me personally. She taught me, encouraged me, helped me in everyday life. Of course, it’s hard to say goodbye. But it was an amazing experience. From tomorrow I’m unemployed actress. With actors I never know what awaits you tomorrow,” said Jovovich.

      The actress plans to come together with the subsidiaries in Russia, because he wants to visit other cities in the vast country. Heiress Jovovich is familiar with some works of our filmmakers. According to star, they were watching the cartoon “Masha and the Bear” and “Luntik”.

      Милла Йовович познакомилась с московскими зомби