Lolita remembered about failed romances

Лолита вспомнила о неудачных романах The actress said that her love means. According to the well-known performer in her youth, she often mix up these feelings and fleeting passion. Over time Lolita came to the conclusion that the main thing in relations is peace.

      In late February, the Lolita will come on tour in Birobidzhan. A few days before the long-awaited speech, the actress gave a Frank interview to the local journalists, in which he touched upon personal topics. Lolita said that the most important thing for any educated man is to be yourself. The correspondent noted that the entire career of the performer differently characterized such a notion as “love”. Lolita agreed with this statement and told about his life experiences.

      “I often confuse passion with love, although one does not exclude the other… it Takes time, you for some moments unable to look the part. And the farther you move away from the situation, from the love you call love, the more becomes clear that in this period of life you need had such emotions, such feelings. And do you imagine such emotions he allowed. Nobody is forced into such relationships are not dragged. Here was not moral to rape in order to then love turn to dislike. It is normal human development. So now I can say, from the point of view of my age, love is peace” – confessed artist.

      According to Lolita, when she was young she talked about it adults. But then, a future star could not understand how to distinguish passion from the present feelings. With time the singer has come to the conclusion that a person need to rely on your feelings. “From the point of view of psychology there is no exact formulation of what love is. There are about five or six, at least, a very famous wording created by scientists. So love is what you feel,” shared the star.

      Recall that Lolita is married to coach the game of squash and fitness Dmitry Ivanov. A luxury wedding celebrity, to which were invited many stars of show business, was held in March 2010. Spouse of the singer has a daughter Cindy, from his first marriage, and Lolita is growing up, the charming descendent of eve.

      During a recent conversation with journalists, the actress said about how you weaned your child from lying. According to Milavskaya she spent with Eva educational conversation and explained why to cheat is not good. “It is better to tell the truth and to think about how this situation out. Spend less time on what’s going on”, – quotes celebrity newspaper “Birobidzhan star”.