Madonna leave the scene for the kids

Мадонна оставит сцену ради детей

Malawian twin girls Stella and Esther changed the relationship of American singer Madonna to his family. If you believe the insiders close to the actress, she is going to leave his career to devote his life to children. In addition to family and adult children, Lourdes and Rocco, Madonna is raising adopted children mercy and David Banda.

“The last time Madonna felt lonely. Lourdes and Rocco left his father’s house, and she left only mercy and David, but they have grown, and she missed the child chirping. She is so happy that she had a Stella and Esther, her life regained paint. Now Madonna is going to take a break from music and focus on their children” — said the insider. Of course, intentions to leave the music scene forever and she is not, but now that the girls are adapting to their new life, she needs to be with them.
Recall that in order to adopt the girls, Madonna had to sign an agreement about custody of the eldest son Rocco with her former husband guy Ritchie. Now the teenager will live with his father most of the time, and mother see each other only occasionally. In London he will finish school and if you wish to continue training.