Майли Сайрус показала загадочное кольцо на пальце

American singer Miley Cyrus and her Aussie lover Liam Hemsworth this time doing the opposite and not flaunt your relationship in public. Since reunification in December last year, the couple became more than secretive. They barely deigned to tell the world what you are Dating again, although insiders have long trumpeted about the planned wedding singer and actor.

Майли Сайрус показала загадочное кольцо на пальце
Майли Сайрус показала загадочное кольцо на пальце

On Sunday, Miley has published a picture in which she is depicted next to the pool with a girlfriend. On the ring finger celebrity was a ring that seemed to many a wedding. Because of the rumors about the impending wedding and stealth pair, it can be. But a spokesman for Cyrus and Hemsworth are silent and they themselves are also dumb, like a mouthful of water ponabirali.
Recall that Liam gave the only interview in which he told them about the Miley breakup.
“Of course, it wasn’t easy, but we were moving in different directions, and it happened what had to happen. We were both very young and at that time it was the right decision” — he said the publication of “GQ Australia” and added that the decision to make an offer to Miley in 2012, it was not an impulse and well thought out decision.
Since their reunion a couple of many where they appeared together, but still trying to keep their relationship under lock and key. However, from time to time, they still break out. So, last week, Cyrus posted a photo which shows Liam and their dog, Dora.
“How much love in this photo” — she wrote under the picture. In response, the Hemsworth published a picture with Miley and her Vietnamese pig.
“Another day at the office” — he signed photo.

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