Линдси Лохан помирилась с женихом

After the storm has come peace and quiet. Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has revised its Outlook on relationship with fiancé Greg Tarasovym and decided to appease him. But the reconciliation, the artist decided not to make the judgment of human, but to do it behind closed doors.

Линдси Лохан помирилась с женихом
On his page in the social network she appealed to the subscribers and to all fans asking them to leave Egor alone and allow yourself to understand what happened and will allow to solve in the silence of what they do now.

“I would appreciate it if speculation about my personal life stopped. Unfortunately, my personal life became more public than I wanted. I and my fiancé would be very grateful if you gave us the opportunity to understand what happened. In the world there are more important issues than our Egor relationship. Please leave us alone and allow ourselves to sort out our problems” — posted by Lindsay under the picture of the clouds in the shape of a heart, through which punched the sun’s rays. If we correctly understand the allegory, Lohan’s already reconciled with his Russian fiancé.
Recall that a few days ago, the actress who so does not want outsiders were interested in her personal life, wrote on his page in the social network that Egor cheated on her with a prostitute. After some time, not giving away his fans from the shock, the actress added that she is pregnant. And the next day the newspaper The Sun published a video made by neighbors Lindsay, which the actress was fighting with Yegor and screaming in the street that he almost strangled her. She called him “fucking crazy” and driven from their homes.
By the way, Lindsay’s father Michael told reporters that her daughter called him. She reported that Yegor cheated on her and you do not receive at home.
“I don’t think she would have told me this if it weren’t true” said the man. I hope that this situation will be resolved, and Egor will not escape from the Hollywood skandalistki.


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