Miley Cyrus believes the song “Wrecking Ball” as its worst nightmare

Майли Сайрус считает песню «Wrecking Ball» своим самым большим кошмаром

American singer Miley Cyrus, who is now two years again seeing her ex-husband, new boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, is trying to regain the image of a studious girl. But the memory of the people is not working as she would like, and still remember her extravagant antics and words during the tour.

In an interview to a radio show Zach Sang Show Miley admitted, from whatever part of his work she would like to get rid of, and it turned out that it.. the song “Wrecking Ball”, one of the most remarkable hits. In the video for the song Cyrus appeared naked, rolling around on the ball.

“I understand that the image of the naked girl on the rolling ball will always be with me. I can’t get rid of the neg never. No matter what I do, I will forever remain in people’s memory the very naked girl. Probably, this song will include at my funeral. “Wrecking Ball” is my biggest nightmare,” said Miley.
Recall that recently, Cyrus released a video for the song “Malibu”, which appeared romantic girl in the grass and the beauty of wildlife. The song she dedicated to her lover, and he even designed the cover for her new album.