Milan Kerzhakova needed psychological help after the death of his father

Милане Кержаковой потребовалась психологическая помощь после смерти отца In early April, came the sudden death of Senator Vadim Tulpanov, the parent of the wife of a famous football player. Milan Kerzhakov extremely grieved at the loss of a loved one. The choice of the athlete admitted that he converted into a specialized Agency.

Spouse Milan Alexander Kerzhakov gave an interview in which he shared his views on the education of the younger generation, and also spoke about the relationship with her husband and working in the charity Fund “Stars for children”.

This spring my father died a young woman, Senator Vadim Tulpanov. The examination found that the man died from acute heart failure. The sudden departure of a political figure from life was a real blow for his loved ones. Kerzhakov does not hide that she was very difficult at the moment. Therefore, Milan for some period ceased to update pages on social networks.

“Everything is possible”: how do remember Vadim Tyulpanov his family

“For a long time I was trying to recover on their own. But at some point I realized that I need the help of experts. So for a month I left to recover in an Ayurvedic clinic, where it was impossible to use the phone and Internet. I’ve read many good books, eating healthy food, thinking about his life, led their nerves. Of course, all I was good for. I’m not gone. I just wanted to gain strength to return and continue his creative activity,” – said the footballer’s wife to reporters.

During the conversation with reporters Milan also admitted that she has no purpose to create a “Instagram” picture perfect family. According to Kerzhakova, everyone has their flaws, which need to be reconciled. Moreover, the player’s wife said that in life can happen anywhere. In this regard, Milan said it was important to enjoy every minute and enjoy what we have.

“You can show which you have a wonderful father, husband, brother, son, friend, mother, wife, and then some of these people may not be. A perfect picture collapses like a house of cards,” shared a young woman.

According to Kerzhakova, in relations the main thing – to learn to negotiate. The choice of the athlete believes that the couple should give each other freedom. “The husband and wife are not required 24 hours a day to spend together, they must not only be mutual friends”, – said Milan.

Speaking about parenting, wife of Alexander Kerzhakov admitted that soon married, under the influence of the parents. They believed that their daughter should marry before 25 years. Over time, the views Milana has changed, so it is not going to give such instructions to her child, reports “Leider”.