Polina Gagarina visited his childhood home

Полина Гагарина посетила дом своего детства

Singer Polina Gagarina visited his childhood home in Saratov. The current owners answered the knock of the artist and let her into the apartment, so that she could see the corners of the former home. The singer shared with the subscribers of a photograph, which appeared in the old house.

Полина Гагарина посетила дом своего детства

“Emotions over the edge! I was allowed in my childhood apartment in Saratov! It was crazy, because it is totally strangers to me, but they were so kind and even allowed to go! There have been surprisingly happy years of my childhood lived there, my beloved grandmother, where I danced tango, I was eating her pea soup and was looking at going down the Volga barges. And in this picture my red phone, left it, and I, seeing him, rejoiced as if he met someone very dearly from the past… How do you want to return to childhood… one day… even an hour… to hug his beloved grandma… to tell her everything,” writes Pauline.

How was the reaction of the residents of Saratov on a star nobody knows but it is obvious that they were delighted with the news.

Полина Гагарина посетила дом своего детства

Singer Polina Gagarina much more fortunate, because Mila kunis was also trying to get into your own home, where lived as a child up to seven years. Arriving in native Chernivtsi in the Ukraine, kunis was unable to reach out to the current owners. Hollywood actress said in an interview for the portal Net-a-porter, the first thing after landing in Ukraine, with her husband Ashton Kutcher, she went home.

“I went to Ukraine two months ago for the first time since departure. It was weird. There was some part of me that wanted to feel something… But nothing happened. We landed there, and Ashton asked, “Anything?” And I said, “Nothing.”” says kunis about her recent visit to his native country. Before heading to Chernivtsi, Mila asked their parents exact coordinates childhood home.

“We went up to our old house, I knocked on the door because I wanted to look inside. And the owner said, “No!” She didn’t care when I said I lived here with my parents as a child. She didn’t even open the door,” says the actress.

It turned out that it’s not the owners, denied the Hollywood star. It turned out that they just weren’t home. Took care of the place the girl just got scared for unexpected guests. She refused to star because they were afraid of refugees.