Milan Kerzhakov responded to rumors about a quarrel with her lover

Милана Кержакова ответила на слухи о ссоре с избранником The choice of the player clarified the speculation of the public. Social media users noticed that the last time Milan Kerzhakov puts in the microblog joint photo with her husband Alexander.
Милана Кержакова ответила на слухи о ссоре с избранником

Fans of Alexander and Milana Kiriakovich noticed that those rarely post pictures together on Instagram. Concerned users of social networks became suspicious. They began to question the choice of the player about what happened. Some have even suggested that Alexander and Milan broke up.

Recently the choice of the athlete decided to respond to comments followers. The young woman recalled that the pictures in the microblog does not always reflect the real situation.

“The absence of my photo with her husband – the direct reason for you to worry for my family harmony. Not worth it. Remember – everything you see in “Instagram” is just an image, nothing more,” said Kerzhakov.

In his address to the subscribers of Milan answered other common questions. The player’s wife expressed the hope that they will be less.

Милана Кержакова ответила на слухи о ссоре с избранником“Yes, I’m always so sad and emotionless, because I’m so by itself, regardless of external circumstances. I am a realist to the bone, and if you believe that life should be taken only on the positive and through rose-colored glasses, I don’t think so, I see things objectively,” she said.

Kerzhakov has also shed light on the rumors that she allegedly resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. According to lady athlete, that kind of speculation is not true.

“How great me job surgeons – okay, they worked really great before, the picture was depressing. Let this theory denies my son,” – said Milan.

We note that recently the first child of a young woman turned six months. In April she gave to her husband Alexander a charming boy named Artem. The baby was born a few days after the family of Milana sad event occurred – her father died, Senator Vadim Tulpanov. The successor policy did not hide the fact that it is extremely hard survived the departure of a loved person of life.

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“I just want to say that for all of us today, there is no greater support than my husband, who took all the cares and the Affairs of the family, which still manages to train and play football and do all that I ask for the work of our Foundation to understand my gushing hormones and emotions, to find the right words and support my mom – although it is (as I thought before) in fact also is not his problem…” – shared Milan a few months ago.