The wedding will not interfere with Fyodor Dobronravov to cheat on your wife

Венчание не помешает Федору Добронравову изменить жене The famous actor has been married for over 30 years, but to be faithful to old age, the wife is not going. Dobronravov admitted that he plans to cheat on his wife Irina after the ninety-year anniversary.
Венчание не помешает Федору Добронравову изменить жене

Fedor Dobronravov won the love of audiences after roles in the TV series “Matchmakers”, “Liquidation”, “the End of a great era.” The national actor appeared in almost 100 films. Actor a solid and loving family, wife Irene and two sons, Victor and Ivan Dobronravov. The heirs of Theodore followed in the footsteps of famous dads. However, national pet plans to cheat on his wife after 90 years, the artist said to his wife about his decision.

Венчание не помешает Федору Добронравову изменить жене“Up to 90 years will be your faithful, and then, sorry, starting to walk”. My wife agreed. And lived for 35 years. In Russia when our Christian faith is normal. God gave me one creature is my wife, she is fine with me. Maybe I’m a man of the old school, but if you give your word, then you are obliged to feed the family, to work, to educate children. Life in deception even can’t imagine,” – said in an interview with the actor.

The actor admitted that he is acting on stage enough, wife Irina, he is not going to cheat. “These text messages to erase, worry, erased or not, Oh ay. Here I put the house phone and the wife can watch it whatever I want,” – said Dobronravov. Sons support the head of the family.

“For me, cheating is one of the impossible things. I can’t hide, so I will worry about that. Even one such offense negates everything. Would not want to accidentally not accidentally – it’s still bad,” said Ivan Dobronravov. The eldest son Victor married the actor two daughters Barbara and Victoria.

“When Sasha and I were married, we were asked: “are You expecting a baby?” And we did not expect. In the winter I made an offer, signed in the spring. All as it should be. Someone from the great said: “People created to be loved, and for things that they used”. The world is in chaos, because now the opposite is true: people are used and things loved. And we have a traditional family nowhere” – shared Viktor Dobronravov.

Fedor Dobronravov said that his example showed the sons how to build a relationship with the second half. Despite the busy schedule of the actors, Victor and Ivan try to spend more time with their families. The heirs of a famous father a workaholic as he is. According to them, otherwise work in any way.

“I live with my wife, they see it and also now communicate with their wives. I never said we don’t do that, and so it is impossible. All my wife education to handle children gently. Love is the only way to fix something, nothing more,” said people’s artist.

Favorite holiday star in the family – New year. Even if the night of December 31 the artists performances or filming, the acting dynasty will still get together at the cottage. In recognition of the eldest son Victor Dobronravova in an interview with “Express newspaper”, no fee no substitute for meeting with friends and relatives.