Milan group stopped meeting with her son

Милана Тюльпанова прекратила встречи с сыном
In the days of Milan Tyulpanov announced that starts a lawsuit for divorce with Alexander Kerzhakov and child custody.

Милана Тюльпанова прекратила встречи с сыном

A few months ago when she admitted to drug use, she was willing to stay the son with the father, but now decided to go.

Judging by her own stories, she met regularly with her son. However, the meeting was short-lived, on the streets and under the gun cameras, but they were. Now, Milan by submitting a lawsuit, said that completely ceases communication with Alexander Kerzhakov, and all questions about his son will be resolved only in court.

Милана Тюльпанова прекратила встречи с сыном

In response Kerzhakov forbade her to meet with her son until 23 October, when will be held the first hearing. And it can be understood. If you want the order of communication with the child was decided in court, then so be it, but up to this point all meetings end.

It turns out that Milan got exactly what they wanted and now complain that her husband was forbidden to see the child, makes no sense.

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