Mila kunis fights Ashton Kutcher for children

Мила Кунис ссорится с Эштоном Катчером из-за детей
Spouses are unable to agree on an important issue.

Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher children

Photo: @kunismilax/Instagram

As told one of her friends Mila kunis,
the family of 34-year-old actress a conflict is brewing.
The fact that couples argue about the upbringing and education of children.

It all started with the fact that Ashton Kutcher all
their free time gives the study of new computer technologies and
managed to become a real expert in this matter. Therefore, the actor said he does not want to
children went to school. Ashton wants a daughter Uayett, and son was at home, and he became
their main mentor on the part of the computer intricacies. Kutcher convinced that
in school children are overloaded with unnecessary information, and the basic necessities they
just don’t get it. So he wants to personally oversee the training program
their heirs.

However, when he commented
Mile, she was indignant and said that will never happen. She said she wants she grew up normal,
socially adapted children. And when Ashton proposed system, they just
become “computer freaks”. Kutcher, however, these arguments did not convince, and the argument escalated into a fight…

In principle, we cannot say that kunis
absolutely wrong. But perhaps her violent reaction was partly due to the fact,
that Sweet, by her own admission, a little tired of my very noisy and
active children. And the prospect that they will not go to school and all
time to stay home, she is not too happy. However, whatever the decision in end
the account wasn’t Ashton and Mila, it’s not
the most important thing. Most importantly, that their frequent and rapid explanations are not spoiled would be cloudless until recently, relations