Who and what Larissa Guzeeva has promised to curse?

Кого и за что Лариса Гузеева пообещала проклясть?
The anchor ticked off insults in the Network.

Larisa Guzeeva

Photo: @_larisa_guzeeva_ Instagram Larisa Guzeeva

Larisa Guzeeva was subjected to severe harassment after in the press in early September published pictures of her in a swimsuit. The footage was taken by paparazzi during a holiday presenter on the beach in Bulgaria. Since the beginning of this scandal it has been more than three weeks, the haters still continue to write Larissa in social networks unflattering comments. They detractors in an insulting manner ridiculing the flaws Guzeeva.

How much Guzeeva experiencing the situation first told only her close friends. The Larissa from comments have refrained. But on the eve of the night the main matchmaker of the country has rebuffed the spiteful critics. In his microblog TV star appealed to those who finds it amusing to write her critical comments about her appearance.

“So… Cheap enemies, I know how old I am, how much I weigh and where you work. If again some kind of trash dares to defecate on my page — curse. And eyes, like my neighbor, I “chilly”. And to all my lovely friends, as always joy!” says fresh publication Guzeeva.

Family and friends had Larissa moral support. “Write properly! You look gorgeous! Here, there are people who have the time to write nasty things”, “wow. Larissa in her programming! Respect!”, “Rein in these CADS, and rightly so!” write Guzeeva.