Mila kunis bought my wedding ring “on the cheap”

Мила Кунис купила свое венчальное кольцо «по дешевке»
The actress was distressed “treasure” on the website secondhand.

Mila Kunis

The other day Mila kunis did hit all recognition. It
told in one of his last interviews that he had purchased the ring that Ashton Kutcher put on her finger in
the day of the wedding, held last summer in the online store, known for its low prices.

“I decided beforehand that I wanted a ring, certainly from
platinum, and ensure that it is more subtle. But when I looked in a few
jewelry stores, I was shocked. I just could not believe my
eyes: the prices were astronomically high!” — told Mila. Then she
I decided to look for a ring online. And soon found exactly what she
wanted. Besides, it turned out that that day on the website took action: “Buy
today we have discount!” Extremely pleased economical Mila. In the end
she got there two rings of platinum for yourself and Ashton, each only 90

“Of course, my wedding ring is ridiculous
compare with what you gave me Kutcher’s engagement party. It just
awesome, with a huge diamond. But I never wear it “every day”.
But a modest wedding ring always on my finger!” — explained the 32-year-old kunis.

Mentioned Cute engagement ring Ashton gave her
in February 2014, when did the actress offer. Kutcher prepared for the engagement
very seriously. First of all, he is following the old tradition, asked for the hand of Sweet from
her father, Mark. And only then got down on one knee in front of Cute and suggested
her to become his wife. “It was the best day of my life!” — says kunis. What
as for the ring, it was really impressive — with diamond high
quality 5 CT. According to experts, it cost no less than 260
of thousands of dollars. It is therefore not surprising that Mila misses it from the box when going, for example, to the store.

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