Тина Канделаки призналась, как завоевала сердце молодого мужа
The presenter revealed details of his personal life.

Тина Канделаки призналась, как завоевала сердце молодого мужа

Tina Kandelaki with Vasily Brovko

Photo: @tina_kandelaki (Instagram Tina Kandelaki)

Tina Kandelaki shared the recipe for a happy marriage
with her new husband — Vasily Brovko. As the proverb says, the path to
a man’s heart is through his stomach. In the case of the novel presenter is
the saying fits perfectly. As it turned out, the spouses are United by love…
to eating! It spend time together in the kitchen really
brings. However, nothing surprising in this, because First loves
to cook and is a real expert in cooking the Georgian national

“Their combined love of food. When we are together, food as
in Georgia this family appears by itself!” signed Tina one
from the last joint pictures with her husband.

Tina Kandelaki and Vasily Brovko

Photo: @tina_kandelaki (Instagram Tina Kandelaki)

Incidentally, Kandelaki has long concealed the fact of his marriage. The first rumors that the TV host formalized their relationship with a new boyfriend, appeared at the end of last year. Then on the fourth finger appeared First engagement ring, but she incident did not comment. However, not long ago, Tina became officially known as her lover — husband. By the way, it is possible that the reason for such reticence TV stars lies in the age difference Kandelaki and Brovko: new husband is younger than her 10 years.

By the way, some time ago, fans suspected that Kandelaki pregnant. At this point they were guided by the catastrophic failure of the presenter from intense workouts at the gym and decided to become a vegetarian. However, Tina has dispelled the rumors about his “interesting situation”. “Of course, I’m excited about procreation, but, friends, not yet the joyful news of the bedchamber!” — wrote a TV presenter in his microblog.

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