Mila kunis became a mother for the second time!

Мила Кунис стала мамой во второй раз!
The happy parents did not want to disclose the child’s name.

Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s daughter Wyatt


As reported by the Internet site last night in
Los Angeles-Mila kunis gave birth to her second child from her husband Ashton Kutcher. This time Mila gave birth to a boy, giving little brother his little brother. This information was confirmed by the official representative of the actress. However, neither the name nor the child’s weight is not disclosed.

Mila and Ashton played a wedding in summer
2015, has already established itself
as fans of unusual names for their children. So, my daughter, appeared on
released in October 2014, they called the boy’s name Uayett. As for
their second child, over how to call him kunis and Kutcher began
meditate for quite some time – with
the moment it became known that Mila’s expecting a boy. Because of the name, for
born the son of a friendly couple even managed to quarrel. The fact Ashton
insisted on the option that seemed too exotic even for this
in fact, the only original as Mila.

“I offered her a great name. “Let’s call
our son Hawkeye!” But this number is not passed. Figuratively speaking, the ball was in her
gate. More precisely, the ball was hit, but she decisively knocked out!” — told
a passionate football fan of Kutcher. In the end, Mila refused to call
son in honor of the beloved hero’s wife — HOKA Pierce, a character in the film and television series
“Military field hospital MEH”, very popular in the 70’s-early 80-ies. And
because Ashton wanted to give his son the name of the character, who worked as a surgeon
— in the hope that it will encourage the boy to one day become a doctor, not
to seek, like his parents, contend in show business. After all, Kutcher nor
any way does not want his children to follow an acting dynasty…