Hillary Duff was convicted of early motherhood

Хиллари Дафф осуждали за раннее материнство

American actress and singer Hillary Duff said in a recent interview that women in Hollywood face a lot of undeserved accusations. So, the artist in his time condemned early marriage and motherhood.

29-year-old Duff supported the recent fiery speech Jennifer aniston, who said that “a woman without children believe the unnecessary and invalid” and called to respect someone else’s choice and not to stigmatize all looking from their bell towers.
“Jennifer is a perfect example of what I’m talking about: this beautiful and talented woman and brave enough to speak openly about it. I was convicted because I had a son too early, but now I fit into standard notions of the public, because I’m a mother. Many women without children in our industry are under constant pressure and accusations. As for men, their status of father for some reason nobody obespokoen” said Hillary.
Recall that Duff was married to hockey player Mike Comrie, who after a serious injury he was forced to leave the sport. And not finding another application, the man started to drink and pick a more successful wife. It destroyed their short-lived marriage, they parted with the scandal. After the divorce, their relationship improved and became friendly, and together they have a son Luka.