Mikhail Zadornov turned to faith for healing

Михаил Задорнов обратился к вере за исцелением
The comedian refused “outrageous flirtation with paganism.”

Mikhail Zadornov


Mikhail Zadornov, who for more than a year fighting with cancer, changed the faith. Humorist, inspired by some time ago, paganism, the newly professed in the Orthodox churches. About it, with the permission of the relatives, said the rector of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrey Novikov.

“Today, at the request of family and friends was anointed by Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov. Two months ago, Michael N. God brought repentance in the sacrament of Confession in the Kazan Cathedral of Moscow. This is the hardest period of his life he held as reconciled with the Holy Church, an Orthodox Christian. Asking for prayers for the servant of God Michael, including, God forgive him, the Merciful Lord years of outrageous flirting with paganism,” wrote father Andrew.

Recall that since the beginning of this year, several star colleagues Michael said about the deterioration of health Zadornov. later, the comedian made a statement that forbids to discuss his illness. “I know that none of my friends with whom I communicate will not discuss on TV or to tell the press about my health, but there are those who for the sake of their own PR will tell in detail about how coming to visit me, help in the treatment and bring me a rare drug prepared in the secret labs of the recipes found at the UFO crash site, arrive to us to read the tabloids… — posted by Michael in social networks. — I believe that all such statements must come from me. I am convinced that the patient’s condition is his own business, and it should not be the object of discussion in the press!”