Enough to drink! Anfisa Chekhov was suspected of addiction to alcohol

Хватит пить! Анфису Чехову заподозрили в пристрастии к алкоголю
The presenter responded to the accusations of fans.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

To Anfisa Chekhova recently attracted high attention of users of the Network. The fans began to closely monitor the life of a TV star after it became known about her divorce with her husband Guram Bablishvili. And here subscribers Anfisa brought the sad pattern: after separation from spouse microblogging artist “flooded” with pictures of alcoholic drinks. Chekhov for the past week morning, day and night posing for photos with glasses of wine… Fans are afraid: and suddenly Anfisa “washed down” after a breakup with her husband?

Fans in Germany can be calm. As it turned out, Chekhov went to a “wine tour”. This trip involves only a tasting of different alcoholic beverages. Anfisa wanted to expand their knowledge in winemaking and flew with friends in Piedmont.

“You are funny! I went on a wine tour, whose main goal is to taste all the wine varieties of Piedmont, but I regularly someone writes in the comments: “Stop drinking!” First: I don’t drink, and tasting. Second, envy in silence. And third: love you, my grumpy!” — responded to all accusations of alcoholism Chekhov.

Anfisa, by the way, love refers not only to subscribers but to my now ex-wife. Recently, the TV host defended Guram from the attacks of the spiteful critics, saying that despite the gap, he will forever remain the father of her beloved son Solomon, that is, the family man.

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