Mikhail Zadornov shared details of the struggle with a serious illness

Михаил Задорнов поделился подробностями борьбы с тяжелым заболеванием
The satirist spoke about the results obtained in Germany treatment.

Mikhail Zadornov


Mikhail Zadornov for the first time made a comment about his health. Some time ago the Network spread rumors about the fact that the patient cancer the satirist is in critical condition. It was reported that the actor not benefited from treatment in Germany: according to media reports, the health of the artist has deteriorated sharply after his return to Russia. These rumors have recently heated up and Iosif Kobzon, who said in late August that Zadornov dies…

Michael decided to personally comment on the information published by the press. He said that German doctors did everything possible to help him. In Germany he was able to achieve the first positive results. Now he continues rehabilitation in Moscow. “I continue conventional treatment and very grateful to the doctors of the Moscow clinic where are now. They are doing everything possible and impossible that I recovered!” — said Zadornov. Satirist warned fans to not react to the statements “close to his family sources” and “friends of friends” because none of them can have reliable information about his condition.

“I know that none of my friends with whom I communicate will not discuss on TV or to tell the press about my health, but there are those who for the sake of their own PR will tell in detail about how coming to visit me, help in the treatment and bring me a rare drug prepared in the secret labs of the recipes found at the UFO crash site, arrive to us to read the tabloids… — posted by Michael in social networks. — I believe that all such statements must come from me. I am convinced that the patient’s condition is his own business, and it should not be the object of discussion in the press. It’s frustrating for me and my family. I’m sad that the speculation journalists generate all sorts of rumors, which are even more far from the truth. For normal treatment I need rest, and I’d like to hear!”