Died television the healer Allan Chumak

Ушел из жизни телевизионный целитель Аллан Чумак
Popular in the 80-ies of the psychic died on 9 Oct on 83-m to year of life.

Allan Chumak

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

On 9 October at the age of 82 years passed away popular at the end of the last century, the television healer Allan Chumak. This information was confirmed by native TV stars, but cause of death not yet reported.

First fame came to Chumak in the late 1970s, when he was preparing a revelatory article on the charlatans-healers. And while working on them, he said, felt that he has an extraordinary ability to transfer the healing properties.

In 1983, Allan started working in the Institute of General and pedagogical psychology of NPA of the USSR, and several years later came the first issues of his TV shows in which he “charged” creams, water and ointments without saying a word. Despite the warnings of doctors, the popularity of psychic increased with each release, and sessions “treatment” chained to the screens of millions of people. The peak of the popularity of the presenter was in the late 80’s. He even received a patent “Transferring the bioactive information on moisture-containing substance”!

By the way, what did the psychic later admitted method of “armed suggestion with the use of the placebo effect.” Simply put, psychic psychologically instilled a certain perception of the “charged” them substance. The last years of his life retired healer wrote books and engaged in research activities.