Mikhail Zadornov has confirmed the poor state of health

Михаил Задорнов подтвердил информацию о плохом самочувствии

The famous Russian writer-satirist Mikhail Zadornov and in fact seriously ill. According to him, the doctors “refused him in everything, not only what is possible to say no.

Last week we reported that the comedian has cancelled a tour of the Far East, in particular, speech in Blagoveshchensk. The Director of the Social and cultural center of the city complained that the concert of the satirist does not take place, because it was sold more than half of the tickets. Journalists and fans immediately turned to Zadornov for comment, and the one on his page Vkontakte has already commented on his health.
“The body, unfortunately, discovered a serious disease, not only age. Should be treated immediately.. hope for the future must always remain – that is my point of view. That is my main mood today,” wrote the Council, but did not specify what the disease was.
In addition to the tour Michael had to postpone the work on “Saltykov-Shchedrin show” and several other projects.
To be treated Zadornov is not in Russia and in the Baltic States. Treatment, according to Michael “will be held “in the dark”” and about your condition report the artist is not going to. He advised journalists not to bother him, not to call and not to write and not to bother his family with questions, because they Zadornov really do not tell.