The drummer in the band Metallica will leave the United States if Donald trump wins

Барабанщик группы Metallica покинет США, если Дональд Трамп победит

If the presidential elections in the United States of America will win Donald trump, a controversial representative of the Republican party, Lars Ulrich, drummer of Metallica, leaves the U.S. and returns to Denmark, where I came from.

Барабанщик группы Metallica покинет США, если Дональд Трамп победит
Ulrich was born in Gentofte, Denmark in 1963, and at age sixteen moved to the U.S. in Los Angeles, where he lives until now.
“I’m one hundred percent Danish citizen, I pay taxes to the United States, but can’t vote in this country. And if trump wins it will be full of shit, I do not exclude that will immediately get on a plane and fly to Denmark,” he said in an interview with Ekstra Bladet.

Recall that the group members already had a conflict with the above named candidate for the presidency – previously a trump without permission used their song in his campaign, and the team politely asked him never to do that. Band the White Stripes, meanwhile, has a similar problem. Their song “Seven Nation Army” Donald has also used in his campaign without permission and did not like its performers, but because Jack and Meg white made an official statement, calling the actions of the Republican is disgusting, and also asked not to associate the song with that person.