Mikhail Zadornov could not hold back tears on one of the last concerts

Михаил Задорнов не мог сдержать слез на одном из последних концертов Colleagues satirist and writer, who died after a long battle with cancer, gathered in the program Andrei Malakhov at the channel “Russia 1”. They shared memories about Mikhail Zadornov.
Михаил Задорнов не мог сдержать слез на одном из последних концертов

Mikhail Zadornov has died on 70-m to year of life. Over a long period of time, he struggled with cancer. According to some reports, Mikhail Nikolaevich was diagnosed with last stage brain tumor. Fans Zadornov can’t believe his sudden death. They bring condolences to the families of the stars. Memory the writer has dedicated the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Friends of the comedian gathered in the Studio, to share memories about him.

“He was an honest voice” colleagues and friends mourn the deceased Zadornov

Honoured artist of Russia Nikolay Bandurin said satirist commanded them to shoot the film. “He was so happy that he was able to break the company “the Provocative movie” that said, “you Guys are out there fighting, but now you need to finish,” said he. Bandurin was leading the concert Zadornov became ill. Nicholas offered a colleague to go backstage, but Mikhail wanted to read a monologue, despite health problems. After some time, the comedian still followed the advice bandurina.

“I saw he was crying. Don’t know why from pain or hurt. All through life he was a fighter. When we called an ambulance, he really did not want to leave. He was hoping to get. It took a great hall and supported”, – says Nikolay.
Михаил Задорнов не мог сдержать слез на одном из последних концертов

Karen Avanesyan was also present that day at the concert Zadornov. According to him, the satirist was in great shape and great feel. Mikhail Nikolayevich as a responsible attitude to their statements and seriously prepared. “Nothing boded trouble,” said Avanesyan.

Parodist and actor, Yuri Askarov said that was not in friendly relations with Zadornov. “Thanks to him I learned about the existence of Jurmala. The way he describes sunrises and sunsets… I have a lot of time there spend. I was born the day before daughter, it is in Jurmala and I’m so happy,” said the artist.

Producer mark Rudinshtein communicated with Zadornov for several decades.

“He called me a year ago and said that will no longer be able to attend my festivals. I didn’t believe it and told him: “Misha, come on, we have somewhere to go”. It was so much humor…” – said one satirist.
Михаил Задорнов не мог сдержать слез на одном из последних концертов

TV presenter Ekaterina Ufimtseva reported that Zadornov often was meditating before concerts. “The exchange of energy was very powerful and had the ability to foresee. Together with my husband they did an amazing program in which it was proven that Mike predicts,” recalled the woman. According to Andrey Razin, Mikhail refused to help friends. They noticed that the satirist looks bad, but he assured others that he was okay. In addition, Zadornov tried to follow their diet. Friends told me that he could do push-UPS a hundred times in a row.

“He’s an amazing person, because it’s never been raised,” added the actor Svyatoslav Yeshchenko.

Leonid graduated from the organizer of concerts of Zadornov, said that he wanted to be treated only in Russia and hoped to the last to continue to delight the audience. “He came out on stage already sick and spoke for four hours,” – says the man.

According to humorist Gennady Vetrov, the writer was always in a good mood. “As I spoke with him, I never saw him sad. He was a man of the galaxy, open for communication and love. He always gave advice. To me it is much told” – shared Winds.

Natalia Moskvina remembered that the comedian is always willing to share their ideas with others. In recognition of the singer, she was sincerely sorry for Zadornov. “I was a witness to how it all began. It was awful to watch. Mikhail worked for the first time sitting” – shared the singer.

In the final transfer colleagues of Mikhail Zadornov expressed his deepest condolences to his family and friends.