Lawyer: “Vladimir Etush has recovered more than 46 million rubles”

Адвокат: «Владимиру Этушу вернули более 46 миллионов рублей» Mikhail Ioffe said the “StarHit” that the relatives of the Daur of Bargandzia, who is under arrest, returned to duty. The family lawyer has shared details of the case. It turned out that the amount increased almost twice.
Адвокат: «Владимиру Этушу вернули более 46 миллионов рублей»

In October law enforcement agencies said that the people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Etush was the victim of fraud. Employee of several banks Daur of Bargandzia deceived the artist. The actor trusted him more than 20 million rubles in 2013. Then the Investigative Committee began to understand who is guilty in the disappearance of money from Vladimir Abramovich. “The theft of funds in especially large size belonging to Etush, against 59-the summer man criminal case is brought. He is suspected of committing a crime under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code, “Fraud”, – said the representative of the Main investigation Department of the IC RF in Moscow Yulia Ivanova.

“StarHit” contacted the lawyer for the family Etush, Michael Ioffe. The lawyer confirmed that the police are investigating the case. However, national pet returned multi-million dollar fortune.

“Today was really repaid the debt to the family of Vladimir Abramovich Etush. Money returned in full. The material have no complaints. Investigators conducted numerous interrogations and detention of daura Bargandzia. His relatives returned more than 46 million rubles. 28 million in 2013, and to date, at the exchange rate of the Central Bank obtained a big amount,” – said the lawyer “StarHit”.

Recall that in 2013, a suspect in the theft of money artist gave advice to the family of Vladimir Abramovich to take all the savings out of banks. Relatives did so, then Bargandzia invited to place their names in one of of credit organizations of Switzerland. Then close the actor signed with the Daur loan agreement. He promised to return the money on demand. Several times Vladimir Abramovich extended the contract.

Three years later, Vladimir Abramovich decided to take the money, the commitment period was scheduled for December. People’s artist told the banker for the three months as agreed, and nine. According to the lawyer, Daur constantly delayed refund for 10 months. In June disaster struck, people’s artist fell on the threshold of a dental clinic. Vladimir Abramovich had a serious injury back and neck, so was taken to the hospital. The actor needed money for expensive treatment. However, Bargandzia refused to return them immediately. According to the lawyer of the family Etush, now the man is in custody, his lawyers are trying to change the punishment for daura.