Михаил Задорнов перед смертью мучился от сильных болей One satirist, who died in November last year, told reporters about how he fought with a serious illness. Actor and musician Vladimir Kachan knew Mikhail Zadornov since the sixth grade. The writer often recalled it in his writings.

Friend of the late Michael Zadornov and Vladimir Kachan, about which he has repeatedly said in interviews and his books, told reporters that as a satirist, bravely fought with cancer. The writer and his family tried not to share such information with the public, not wanting to attract too much attention to their problems. According to rumors, a few months before the death Zadornov addressed to the famous healer.

Vladimir Kachan confirmed that a satirist did try alternative treatment, but was disappointed in them. Zadornov came a famous physician, who managed to help Philip Yankovsky. According to rumors, the technician even advised Mikhail Gorbachev. But Mikhail Nikolayevich had not happened to find an approach.

“We decided that the harm Zadornov such treatment will bring. As they say, no harm in trying. The healer came to the hospital, made a hand passes over Misha’s head, talked about their famous patients. At some point Zadornov could not resist and whispered: “Look, in my opinion, he is lying!”.. I was hoping until the end. If Mike has not lost the ability to joke, so will muddle through. But… the miracle did not happen,” shared a friend of the writer.

Remember Kachan and how began the disease of man. According to the artist, the development of severe disease caused a head injury received Zadornov while skiing in the Alps. With him then rested Maxim Galkin and other friends. When Mikhail suddenly disappeared, his friends not a little alarmed. Satirist found only three hours later. The right person Zadornov was swollen, and he had to turn to the Swiss hospital.

After learning about the terrible diagnosis, Mikhail went to Germany to the famous surgeon who operated on him. The writer promised that all will be well. But after three months he began to grow a new tumor. “She was cut off in parts of the body has ceased to obey the legs, arms… Only the brain worked until the last”, – has told Kachan.

Zadornov close to the end believed that he will succeed to overcome the disease. The writer has demonstrated to others the cheerful mood. Both favorite female satirist – ex-wife Velta and the current fiancee of Elena – was on duty near his bed, one after another.

“Common grief United them. Mike went hard. Knew about it only the closest, just a few people. Others said that he left for treatment in Riga. Said so no one bothered. Actually last week my friend was fading in a suburban rehabilitation center,” says Kachan.

Maxim Galkin was visiting an old friend and shared the news with them. During one of his recent visits Zadornov was already very weak. The presenter, who considered Mikhail his friend, understood that it is very long.

“In the end Mike was in great pain and suffered greatly. (…) The last few weeks, Zadornov was in a coma. I brought a friend of the priest, who with difficulty persuaded him to zaboraviti. Other priests disagreed, remembering that Misha liked to call himself a pagan. Father Andrew, too, initially refused,” – said a friend of the writer.

Recently, Vladimir Kachan learned that Zadornov has written a will, according to the magazine “Caravan of stories”. Last will of the satirist is to publish this spring.