The massacre of Playboy model has horrified the public

Жестокая расправа над моделью Playboy ужаснула общественность At the end of last week the dentist Alex, Mitaki killed his wife Anastasia Chekati, known under the name Anastasia Cia. According to journalists, the couple parted, and a man came to visit a child in common. Friends of Mitaki can’t believe he could go on the offense.

Discussing a brutal murder, which shocked the public. 18 February in Chisinau 34-year-old dentist Alex, Mitaki dealt with his wife, 30-year-old model and singer Anastasia Chekati, who starred for many glossy magazines. Young woman found with a stab wound in the neck. After Mitaki killed his wife, he jumped out the window. The body of Alexei was found on the street near the house.

When the police went to the apartment, they found a crying baby that was born two weeks before the tragedy. With him everything was in order. According to journalists, Mitaki called relatives with a request to take care of the girl. It is reported that shortly before the tragic incident superpi had a falling out, and Alex lived separately from his wife and daughter. On that fateful day, the man came to see the child.

According to rumors, Anastasia was jealous of Alexei to his ex-wife. According to some reports, the man lived for two families and continued to raise four children from a previous marriage. Periodically, the dentist had allegedly raised a hand to Chekati, but she did not go to the police. Anonymous sources close to the Anastasia and Alexei said that the couple broke up after the husband of the model refused to open in her name the clinic in Dubai. The model started to limit communication with Mikati heir, and to demand from him a thousand euros for every interaction.

Colleagues dentist shocked. Alexei, Mitaki had no problem with money, he drove an expensive car and has treated many stars of show business, TV presenters and politicians. Those who personally knew the man say that he could not decide on murder.

“I knew Alex, he was very kind hardworking person and talented doctor. With his first wife they opened a dental clinic (at seven in the morning he was already at work at 10 PM – still at work), the money they did not fall from heaven. Anastasia was a patient and took him from his family, which then grew two-year-old. Still, all ready to many hunters. (…) I do not know what was going to happen if he reacted like that, or maybe someone “helped” and killed them both?” – quoted in the press, familiar Mitaki.

As told reporters colleague Alexei, who asked to remain anonymous, the day of the tragedy he was in a good mood. Nothing boded trouble. “It’s definitely not jealousy, not exactly she became a cause of the tragedy!” I’m sure the dentist knew, Mitaki.

However, law enforcement officials a different version of events. The Prosecutor of Chisinau Stefan Şaptefraţi said that one hundred percent confident in the absence of intervention by third parties. “this is indicated by many factors, one of which is that the door of the apartment where the tragedy occurred, were locked from the inside”, – he explained.

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