Михаил Пореченков высказался о новом руководстве МХТ Artistic Director of the theatre became Sergei Zhenovach. After he took a high position, hudruk promised to bring to life their ideas. Mikhail Porechenkov for many years, is an actor of this theatre, and therefore was able to assess the changes that occurred after the death of Oleg Tabakov.
Михаил Пореченков высказался о новом руководстве МХТ

March 12 this year, was not aware of the actor and Director Oleg Tabakov. After his death, the place of the head of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov took Sergei Zhenovach, and “Snuff” has been the master Vladimir Mashkov. Mikhail Porechenkov, who for 16 years worked in the Moscow art theatre, spoke about the first changes that occurred in the temple of art with the change of leadership.

According to the actor, is now actively reviewing those listed in the state and also the approach to creative work performances.

“I think that now Mat is more classic, more internally structured and based on a Russian acting school, significant school experiences. I really like it. I believe that the main force lies within the artist, the emotion that he is able to produce. It is not necessary modern means: spread a Mat, an artist needs to reach and break room by the force of his talent, skills, the gift of inner strength,” says the actor.
Михаил Пореченков высказался о новом руководстве МХТ

Michael admits that now the theater will be based on Russian literature, and the Moscow art theatre will begin a new era. Many actors very often act in various films and television series, Porechenkov understands that Zhenovach loves to the artists was more focused on the work on stage. Because of this, many have to adjust the schedule of projects for rehearsals and performances in the theater.

Porechenkov not hide the fact that looking forward to changes thanks to the new Manager. He hopes that there will be more performances, in which he will get the role. “We have already had a conversation with Sergey Vasilyevich, we are working on the same team. I dare to hope that in his next work, I’m going to participate. What they will be is still a mystery. I spoke with Ksenia Rappoport. She’s my classmate, a friend, a fantastic actress. Tell you a secret: I want her to work with me at the Moscow art theatre”, — the artist admitted.

Porechenkov also admitted in a conversation with “Izvestia” that soon the team’s new artistic Director will join Konstantin Khabensky, Mikhail Trukhin and Alexander Semchev.