After the death of Stella Baranovskaya from her son refused the father

После смерти Стеллы Барановской от ее сына отказался отец The actress died in September last year from cancer, she was dying with terrible pains. Before leaving the Baranovskaya supported Anfisa Chekhova, she still remembers a dear friend in her birthday leading published unknown facts about the deceased and told of the fate of her son.
После смерти Стеллы Барановской от ее сына отказался отец

Stella Baranovskaya for a long time struggled with cancer, the doctors diagnosed her with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Chemotherapy, which was the actress for a while helped to stabilize the condition. But in early September, 2017 cancer claimed the life of a young and beautiful actress, leaving her son Daniel, an orphan, today, the boy lives with his mother Stella.

Recall, when Baranovskaya was alive, some social media users did not believe her. They believed that she feigns illness for personal gain. Only death proved the opposite – Baranovskaya really struggled against serious illness and spent large sums on treatment.

После смерти Стеллы Барановской от ее сына отказался отец“Stellin son Dan now lives with his grandmother, Stellini mom. It is about finding the boy never was, a legal guardian is his grandmother. And she’d never give up custody. In the everyday sense, I’m sure she takes good care of Dana. He goes to school and in various clubs. All the hysteria surrounding the adoption is finished, father of Dani and his family was never contacted and the boy was not guilty. But it is their choice, and a new cycle of karmic debts and castings. Stella I dreamed only once in my strange dream, but she was very happy and satisfied! My little girl, so fragile and so strong at the same time. In recent days, experiencing incredible pain, she still continued to comfort her friends in their earthly problems and give advice! Most in life she needed love! Most often in life, she faced betrayal! Her life was like a dramatic suspense novel. She wrote an autobiographical book, but the manuscript remained in the computer, which by right of inheritance went to her mother. I hope that someday we will be able to publish what she had written in”, – said Anfisa Chekhova.

Recall, Stella was diagnosed, being in America with your fiancé. Larisa, Podilchuk, a hospital nurse in Minnesota, which turned Baranovskaya, said that she was going through a difficult chemotherapy. According to her, the chosen one Stella turned away from her, having learned of the serious illness.

“When she was discharged with her mother and Tributes, they had nowhere to live. They stopped at my house… Stella has a very high pain threshold, she literally was climbing the wall from pain during chemotherapy. She took six steps, and the latter failed, it was too painful. At the same time she experienced the betrayal of a loved one. The groom even did not lift a finger to help her…we had some long conversations in the kitchen. What has survived Stella for their 30 years, some survive for a hundred years,” recalled an employee of the medical institution.

Today, Stella would have turned 31. In honor of this day, Anfisa Chekhov has published a poem dedicated to the departed and told what she remembered a friend. The Baranovsky was supported by Kate Gordon, Lera Kudryavtseva, singer Zara. They defended the honor of the actress on talk shows, claiming that Stella had struggled with cancer and has appropriated other people’s money.

“Did not the most beautiful, kind, gentle girl. I can’t believe and find the right words. You suffered and suffered, how many tests have you fallen on your fragile soul. Rest in peace, girl”, – wrote in the mourning time Lera Kudryavtseva.