Михаил Ефремов устроил забег по отелю в халате. ВИДЕО On the eve in Sochi started the “Kinotavr-2016”. From the first minute of the festival, the actor has not ceased to amaze the audience. First saw him in short shorts at the hotel, then on the red carpet he showed up with an extravagant daughter Anne-Marie. But the most memorable exit Ephraim was his appearance in a Bathrobe in the lobby of the “Pearl” of the night.

      Михаил Ефремов устроил забег по отелю в халате. ВИДЕО

      Yesterday opened in Sochi “Kinotavr”. The red carpet film festival proslic Tatiana lutaeva, Agnes, Ditkovskite, Irina Khakamada, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Victoria Tolstoganova, Anna Mikhalkova and many others.

      Chic outfits and major surprises “Kinotavr”: a report from the red carpet

      However vseobshee the guests ‘ attention was riveted to Michael Ephraim. The actor arrived at the festival along with 15-year-old daughter Anne-Marie and the assistant who helps him look after the teenager. It Yefremov became the hero of the first evening of the festival. Daughter of Michael Ephraim was shocked by the brutal way

      Anton Belyaev and his band TherrMaitz, speaking in Sochi, failed to create the festival mood of the audience, a 52-year-old actor for half an hour became the hero of the party. Last night Michael called for all bars and restaurants at the hotel “Pearl” – and each of them, at least for a short time, just became the soul of the company.

      Михаил Ефремов устроил забег по отелю в халате. ВИДЕО

      Rapidly noting the opening of the festival in the company of colleagues in the tavern “Dionysus”, Mikhail Olegovich moved to the lobby bar, had a couple of drinks and went up to the room. Everyone around thought that the evening was over Ephraim. However, after twenty minutes, vigorous and cheerful, the actor again took possession of their views – though in a Bathrobe.

      Walk down to the beach and pomocu legs, the actor once again settled in the restaurant, and flatly refused to accept the fact that others strongly advised him to finish the journey in bed. Star movie so excitedly was acting, that someone even called the police.

      A real salvation for the body of Mikhail Olegovich became caught in its path Viktoriya Tolstoganova and Aleksey Agranovich, who were returning from a party at a closed terrace. Only after long and persistent persuasion, he went first again in the lobby bar, and then in the room.

      Later it in the lobby were seen except that Alexander PAL and Svetlana Khodchenkova, who returned with a party at the seaside restaurant “Neptune,” accompanied by a big company.

      Naturally, the actress, not long ago broke up with fiance George Petrishina, enjoyed great popularity with the opposite sex. One of the new friends Khodchenkova warmly hugged her goodbye and she asked me to call, if you suddenly become sad and lonely.

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