Nadezhda Ermakova bared Breasts.

Надежда Ермакова обнажила грудь после пластики Ex-participant reality show “House-2” had an operation two months ago. But only now she decided to demonstrate, how changed its shape. Hope posted a photo with open neckline and explained why he decided on plastic.

      Надежда Ермакова обнажила грудь после пластики

      Ex-participant of “House-2” Nadezhda Ermakova for a long time wanted to change breast size. Two months ago she decided on plastic surgery. All the details of the process, the Hope shared in his microblog. First selfie appeared on the page Ermakova in a social network a few hours after surgery. The girl complained of pain, but assured subscribers that for the sake of beauty is ready to tolerate her.

      Nadezhda Ermakova was shocked after picture of breast surgery

      Participant of the reality show explained to the fans why did new Breasts, and how to improve her life after the surgery. She posted a collage, where the left showed his photo to plastics and to the right is how it looks now.

      “By nature, I always she was a little girl, about a 1.5. Push-up saved sometimes. But I wanted appetizing forms, not just in clothing. When I became the owner of 3.5, I realized how much girls easy to live with. Before I was always trying to please their inner world, intellect. And it’s much easier appeared, wearing a red dress with a sweetheart neckline and veil, the men notice you and give attention, no matter you’re in heels or in sneakers, wearing makeup or not, you have a neckline, thoughts all about you. The world is simple, especially when it comes to men,” wrote Ermakova.

      Subscribers did not hide delight after seeing the transfigured body Ermakova. “Nadya, you are the bomb!”, “You very much changed, for the better. Beauty, keep it up!”, “I think the right thing done, if not your beautiful chest from nature, we need to change. It primarily enhances self-esteem, and then the attention of men, you must love yourself!”, – such nice comments women left on the page of the stars of the reality show.

      After breast surgery Ermakova finally decided to do her figure and a diet with carefully planned diet for her.

      “Decided to take up both arms! Now my weight is 63 kgs at growth of 175 cm, it’s the norm will write someone, pounds maybe. While in the Seychelles I weighed 56 kg and was slender. Now I want to bring the muscles in tone, to lose weight, make the skin elastic and so on. I played sports, now learning proper nutrition. Prior to this my diet consisted of one full meal, the rest of the chocolates and cookies with tea, simple carbohydrates accounted for 70% of my diet, throw in a sedentary lifestyle and lack of sport in General. Before, I never worked on that. But what is easy in 20 years, heavier in 32. So I decided comprehensively to the entire approach, not just to have a proportional figure, and the sculpt itself, to the envy of others,” shared with subscribers his plans for Hope. After a couple of days, fans of the stars of the reality show have been able to evaluate the first training girls.

      By the way, this is not the first plastic surgery Ermakova. After participating in the project “House-2” the girl decided on a rhinoplasty, because she never liked the shape of the nose, which nature has endowed her. Fans do not immediately recognize the Hope the photos after surgery, but eventually said that she began to look much better.

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