Irina Dubtsova: “it ended when I found out he lied to me”

Ирина Дубцова: «Все закончилось, когда я узнала, что он мне врал» The singer almost became the victim of a married womanizer. But thanks to friends Irina Dubtsova was able to find out the truth about the boyfriend. After she learned more about the man, she made a firm decision to stop communication with him.

      Ирина Дубцова: «Все закончилось, когда я узнала, что он мне врал»

      Popular singer Irina Dubtsova told “StarHit” the story of a resort affair. One day she went on holiday and met a man who the most subtle ways tried to win her affection. The actress decided to take a chance and start take beautiful courtship from a stranger. However, the continuation of this story has not received. The singer found out the truth about the boyfriend and then ceased all communication with the cheater.

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      “A few years ago for a week I flew with my mom to relax in Dubai. We stayed at the hotel Atlantis The Palm, a couple of days spent on the beach, and then decided to make a foray into shopping malls. Bought new clothes, sat down to have dinner in a cafe near the Dubai Mall. Remember that there were some incredible oysters, mussels, crabs. We liked it so much that the next day we were back in the same place at the same hour. Sit, chat, drink tea…

      And suddenly before me on the table occurs the “black box” basis, or rather, a box of dark velvet – the waiter just put it on the table, not saying a word. Open – inside the Golden key on a chain and a note in English: ≪all doors≫.
      Ирина Дубцова: «Все закончилось, когда я узнала, что он мне врал»

      I, of course, in shock, grabbed the ornament, catching the waiter, begin to elicit, from whom, why. He admitted it, but pleads to take the gift so as not to offend the sender. In fact, return the key there was no one in the restaurant we left in that moment alone. And our expense, as it turned out, was also paid.

      Further – more. In the evening room service brought me a huge basket of white roses – this time with a note: “Hope guessed. Mika”. And the phone number. At that moment I was a free man, it took only a few months after a difficult divorce. And then at least some sort of romance. Out of interest sent a message: “Thank you. But I love red more.” After half an hour brought them into my apartment. A mysterious stranger, as it turned out, was the owner of a fish restaurant, where we feasted on seafood.

      The next day, the last in my vacation, he persuaded me to dinner. High, 35 years old, charming, with good sense of humor, was born in Toronto, opened one restaurant – followed in the footsteps of his father. The hours flew, I was easy to use: talked about travel, work, dreams, the children from the first marriage Michael has a son, whom he rarely sees.

      In the evening he walked me and my mom to the airport, and as soon as we landed, I received a text message: “I’m incredibly lucky to meet you. If you want to end it, just ignore it”. After a couple of days I could not resist and wrote him that we had a great time. I struck up a funny conversation with jokes, rhymes.

      I wanted to learn more about it, but his name boyfriend to tell us flatly refused. By six degrees of separation she has been elucidated. And here is where it all ended. Michael was not just a married man – he, among other things, used this script with the seduction of the opposite sex more than once. Among the fallen under his charm even was a friend of my friend. Of course, I wrote him everything what I think and deleted the number of a philanderer”.

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