Майк Тайсон, жена

The whole biography of Mike Tyson, one of the greatest boxers in the world, won several championship belts in different versions and included in the Guinness book of world records for the largest number of fastest knockouts, full of scandals, in which he found himself as in the ring and in his personal life.

Personal life Mike Tyson was rather rough and not just fall on the page “yellow” editions. The first time he married a young actress and model Robin Givens, and this marriage, which lasted only about a year, was accompanied by loud public scandals, often crossing into the fray.

		Майк Тайсон, жена

Photo: Mike Tyson and Robin Givens

The first wife of Mike Tyson told me that after she had a miscarriage, the husband began to beat her periodically, and he claimed that Robin lived with him only for money.

		Майк Тайсон, жена

In the end, Robin brought the fighter has already become a world celebrity, to a nervous breakdown, they say, he even tried to kill herself and the reason was not only the ongoing domestic scandals, but the betrayal of Robin.

Wife of Mike Tyson and brad pitt

For years, the boxer is not dedicated to the public juicy details of his personal life, and only a few years after the divorce said that he had found his wife in the hot arms of brad pitt.

Despite the fact that the reasons referred to in the preparation of the lawsuit at the time of divorce was listed violence by Mike, another detail that resulted in the separation of the spouses, was the fact that Tyson caught his wife Robin Guynes in bed with pitt.

Mike said that he was overwhelmed with the hellish feelings, and he was ready to kill both. What kept him from doing this is unknown, but if Mike didn’t cope with emotions, perhaps the bloody drama could not be avoided.

It turns out that a love affair between Robin Givens and brad pitt was a long time, and this secret is accidentally revealed.

		Майк Тайсон, жена

After her divorce from Tyson, his first wife received ten million compensation – fifth of its state, which at that time was estimated at fifty million dollars.

Personal life after a scandalous divorce

A few years after parting with his first wife, Tyson was one too much it was like from a bad marriage. Only eight years later he decided again to marry, and this time his choice was a lady from the world of show business, a simple woman, a pediatrician Monica Turner.

		Майк Тайсон, жена

Photo: Tyson and Monica Turner

Officially formalized their relationship after they became parents to their first child – daughter of Raina. When my daughter turned one year old Monica gave birth to her son Amir.