Мигелю подарили 5-килограммовый чак-чак
TNT “rocked” the whole country “DANCE” and presented the new season of “Vkontakte”.

Мигелю подарили 5-килограммовый чак-чак

Before the start of the new season of the show “DANCING” TNT ran a global marketing campaign and “rocked” the whole of Russia.
The day before the premiere of “DANCING” for the first time descended into the Moscow metro, where
star project has conducted master classes and has lifted the spirits of thousands
Muscovites. And on 19 August in 23 cities of Russia swept a large-scale
dance marathon, which United the whole country to the ground
Adidas BASEMOSCOW in Gorky Park.
A holiday in the capital collected more than 10 thousand visitors, and thanks to direct
translation of “VC” for what is happening in Gorky Park was watched by almost 4
million users!

19 Aug channel
TNT staged the biggest dance marathon in the history of Russia! For
one day the star of the show “DANCES” conducted master classes at once in 23 cities
Russia. Tens of thousands of people
across the country, joined dance marathon and ended up in
the online broadcast, which was in the official group TNT “Vkontakte”.

Мигелю подарили 5-килограммовый чак-чак

Мигелю подарили 5-килограммовый чак-чак

The stream marathon
the day was watched by nearly 4 million users! Under the video was
left 25 000 reviews. In every city hundreds and thousands of people
all ages were included
in movement with TNT. People are happy to learn choreography and
then lit live all over the country. For example, in the Lower
The Novgorod master class came to the wedding, which just broke
the dance floor, and then tried to occupy the stage.
Ufa has prepared a five-kilogram chak-chak and presented his mentor
show “DANCES” Miguel. And in Cheboksary little dancer hugged a party
project Julia Samoilenko and refused to release her. And no amount of coaxing
helped – love was stronger.

Stream Russian dance marathon was conducted from the Studio, located in Gorky Park on the site
Adidas BASEMOSCOW in Moscow, where the stars of TNT not only met premiere of the show “DANCING”, but also presented the fall season TNT.

For almost eleven hours leading Kogoma Dmitry, Ivan
Pyshnenko, Stas Yarushin, Andrei Minin and Sergey Gorelikov live
communicated with dozens of guests. In the Studio, TNT has been the star of the show “DANCE”
Dima Yudin, Misha Zaitsev, Irina Kononova and Diane; witty
and the lovely Catherine Barnabas, which has brought all to a humorous
hysteria, the actors of the series “Univer” Alexander Stekolnikov, Kate Shumakova and
Julia Franz, who told us about the filming of the sitcom and its relation to dance;
one of the most popular psychics in the country
Alexander Sheps, which was propelery finale of “Game of thrones”; the leading
new show “Studio UNION” on TNT Elena Guschina and Artem Muratov, sung
a couple of corporate Jingles; the actress of the series “Olga” Ksenia Surkova,
who spoke about his love of dancing; resident
show Stand Up Timur karginov and Viktor Komarov, not shared one
two fashionable hoodie TNT; and finally — the coaches show “DANCING” — Tatiana
Denisov and Miguel, who spoke about the new season and the upcoming
a tough fight between the teams.

The culmination of the holiday was great
the concert show “DANCING” in Gorky Park, which also was broadcast
online. In front of the stage gathered close to 10,000 people, and hundreds
Park visitors stood around the site
Adidas BASEMOSCOW and enjoyed the best
dance. But exactly at 21:30 on TNT in the Park
Gorky under the open sky started broadcasting the premiere issue
the fourth season of the show “DANCING”, which 19 Aug joined
Russia in a single dance fever! And the country retaliated by return –
premiere episode of “DANCING” took place with 18% share of 14-44 audience in
Russia (data
Mediascope). TNT took a confident first place in the slot.