Меган Фокс снова станет мамой
The husband of actress longed for daughter.

Меган Фокс снова станет мамой

Megan Fox with husband and children


Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin green shared their plans for expansion
family. Although Megan already
Brian gave birth to three sons — 4-year-old Noah, a 3 year old Bodhi and baby Journey,
which is only a year, they turned out to be both wish that in their house
appeared at least one child. And this despite the fact that the green in addition to children
from Fox, has another son — 15-year-old Kassius,
which brought to light his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Marcil! But if Megan
it doesn’t matter who she be born a boy or a girl, Brian, as it turned out, I needed a daughter.

“I am very
want another baby, and the only thing that hinders me a bit, is the probability of
the birth of another boy. I already have four sons, and sat down will appear
one, it will be an entire basketball team, which is clearly too much. Understand
me wrong: it’s not that I didn’t like that I have so many sons,
I’m just not ready for the fifth. I dream about the girl I really
I want a daughter!” — said the husband of the actress.

for Megan, she is happy with everything. Her sons, pictures
she recently shared with fans, successful — all three
a young boy growing up handsome. The other day Fox even expressed to his wife, merit
which she considers the appearance of the sons, their gratitude in written form. “You
gave our children their genes, thanks to which all the girls will be without
mind. Thank you for this!” — Megan wrote on his page on the social

Megan Fox