Мигель пожаловался на проблемы с девушками The choreographer talked about his personal life. In recognition of Miguel, women often pay attention to it, but those who are really interested in the star, not responsible to him. In addition, the choreographer so much interested in the work that time for romance does not remain.

      34-year-old Miguel, the star of the show dancing with the stars of TNT, is a dream of many girls. Recently a young man became a producer of fashionable mystical show “the Returned”, which relates to the most interesting novelties of the theatrical season. Many Internet users were convinced that Cotto will become the hero of “the Bachelor,” and you will find your soulmate on the project. However, this did not happen, and instead of the charismatic choreographer to seek the heart of a lady will be the actor of the series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov.

      New “Bachelor”: all the novels of Ilya Glinnikov

      The journalists decided to ask Miguel how he copes with the increased interest from girls. Answering the question correspondents, the actor candidly said that in his personal life is not going smoothly.

      “A girl’s focus was a lot, Yes. However, usually from those who I absolutely did not expect it. And those whose attention I wanted to attract, I said “no,” said the choreographer, laughing.

      Miguel also spoke on the theme novels with colleagues. The young man admitted that fears of such a relationship, because they very quickly come to an end. Therefore, he never met with the partner. For celebrities, there are boundaries you just can’t. In addition, Miguel is afraid that he is not interested with a girl, working in this field.

      “To my mind there is not a single pair of the “oldest old”. Dancing all lightly. Of course, my mate needs something to sense in the art of dance, but specifically to do this job in any case. I think it will be the biggest mistake, because the relationship of people of the same profession, there is always the element of competition. If a person does not achieve the same success as you are, as a rule, there is envy” – says the man.

      Note that Miguel is completely immersed in the work, so he just did not have time for a personal life. The star admitted that sometimes does not see his own mother for a few weeks and no time to walk the dog, which ceased to recognize him. Miguel ashamed of it, but nothing can be done about it.

      However, with the advent of 2017, the choreographer has decided to reform and put the case for a couple of months. In January, Miguel went to his father’s homeland, to finally meet again with a loved one. The choreographer also told the magazine “OK!” that immediately after Cuba will fly to America. Miguel visited his father after a long separation